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In Home Newborn Photography in Portland Oregon

4 Ways In Home Newborn Photography in Portland, Oregon Makes Your Life Easier!

4 Ways In Home Newborn Photography in Portland, Oregon Makes Your Life Easier!

Newborn baby photography in Home in Portland Oregon

You’re about to have a baby! Yay! You know you want newborn photos, but do you want to come into the studio, or would you rather have me come to you to do your newborn’s photography in home? As a photographer here in Portland, I offer both in studio, and in home options for my baby sessions. In both cases, your baby’s pictures will look the same with all their adorable cuteness captured because I bring lighting and props. My studio is fully stocked with props, backdrops, and outfits, but sometimes it’s just easier for families for me to come to them for an in home newborn photography experience in Portland! The only difference is whether your family images are on the studio backdrop here, or if they have your home as the backdrop because you chose in home newborn photography. Here’s some reasons you may choose in home newborn photography in Portland, Oregon! Here’s what one mama had to say about her in home newborn photography experience with me:

“Ann was absolutely wonderful! She came to my house, which as any new mom knows – leaving your house is sometimes a deal breaker (for anything!) She brought all of her equipment, including a little space heater to keep baby toasty – and set up a professional studio right in my living room – she was fast setting up and taking down. She was so careful and great with my baby. I could immediately tell she was so comfortable with new borns and my daughter was comfortable with her. While she changed outfits and poses on my daughter, I got ready in the bathroom (and did some laundry too ;)) We did the photos with me and my daughter last. She got the proofs to me the next day! I am so in love with all of the photos! Choosing the ones I wanted was a task! After I chose the ones I wanted she edited them and had them back to me in a couple of days! Ann is so easy to communicate with! …10/10 Stars! Highly recommend!!!” – Robin

1) Toddlers Have Everything They Need in Your Home

It can be so much easier to keep your toddler occupied during their baby brother or sister’s newborn session if we are in your home. You don’t need to worry about making sure you brought their favorite snacks or toys, because you know they’re right at home! They can go down for their nap right after their family and sibling pictures too!

2) Changes of Clothes Available for Everyone

Babies can make a mess out of our clothes so often. I remember my son spitting up and peeing on me during his two week appointment, haha! I am really glad I didn’t have to have my picture taken in that shirt. While I do offer a client wardrobe of dresses and kimonos, it can be nice to have something else to change into if needed! When you are at home for your newborn session, you have everything right there!

3) No Need to Take Baby out in the Weather

We live in Portland, it rains. Sometimes its nice to just stay home and cuddle rather than driving to a studio photoshoot.

4) You Love your Home

Maybe it’s your first house together! Maybe you did an amazing job on the nursery and need that memorialized in photos. Either way, when I come to you for your Portland in home newborn photography, your house becomes part of the pictures. I bring studio equipment for your little one, so their images will look the same no matter if you are in studio or in home. But rather than the studio backdrops, you will be on your bed, in the nursery, or living room.

Are you ready to chat more about an in home newborn photography session with me? Reach out, I’d LOVE to work with you!