Ann Marshall

Portland Baby Photography – Comfortable and Safe Sessions

Your session with me will always be comfortable, safe and fun with the focus on your baby!

Do you remember the first time you held a newborn baby? Maybe it was a sibling or a friend’s new baby, or maybe it was your own!  There’s that moment of awe that something so tiny, so perfect, is in your arms. Newborn babies are magical and also fragile.

From the moment I begin talking to a mom-to-be about a newborn session, I want her to feel comfortable. Lord knows that there are so many new and unexpected things that you are dealing with during pregnancy! It’s really important to me that my clients feel comfortable with me before they hand their precious newborn over to me to photograph. 

Come as You Are: I’ll Take Care of the Rest

First and foremost, I’m a mom of four. So when I say I get it, I really, really do. I know that you want beautiful, timeless photos of your new baby, but life gets pretty overwhelming after your baby is here. So, if you arrive at my photography studio in Hillsboro a little frazzled, a little exhausted, or a little weepy from trying to figure out how anyone showers every day, much less leaves the house with a newborn, I get it.

I promise that once you get here, you’re going to have so much fun! I’m going to make this whole experience awesome for you, and I know how in love you already are with this tiny human who just entered your life.

Babies sense energy, and I’ve been called a baby whisperer more than once. I love babies, and I think they know it. So our first step will be for you to sit back, relax, and we can work through how the session will go. Deep breaths, mama, we’ve got this!

Classic, Timeless

My style is classic and timeless because I don’t think babies need much adornment at all; they are so naturally beautiful. I have a fully-stocked baby wardrobe of swaddles and props here in the studio, you really don’t have to bring a thing if you don’t want to! I have everything from headbands to bowls to cradle the baby and show off their best features.

A great newborn photo really doesn’t have to have a thing but a newborn baby. The props are like icing on a delicious cake; just a little bit is great, but we don’t want to overdo it. I always keep the attention on the baby, not on the prop itself.

The Studio is Fully Sanitized Between Sessions

I take the health of your baby very seriously in my studio. All items are fully sanitized after use, all blankets, swaddles, bonnets, headbands, or linens are laundered, and the entire studio is cleaned thoroughly.

I am rigorous about hand-washing and am up to date on all recommended vaccinations, as well as COVID-19. If I am ill, I will reschedule your session to not pass on anything to your family. It’s my goal that you feel safe bringing your newborn baby to my studio, and it’s my promise to you that I do everything possible to make sure this is a safe and healthy space for you and your baby.


Newborn Posing and Safety

I’ve trained extensively in newborn posing and safety because it’s an important part of my job to keep your baby safe while still capturing photos you love. I’ve taken training in person and online and continue to update my training when possible with other recognized newborn photography experts. I also keep up to date on any props that are marketed to create newborn photos.

Here are some of the rules in my studio when it comes to newborn posing and safety!

The baby is the boss:  Babies don’t work on a schedule, and sometimes they need a break. At any time during the session, if the baby needs a cuddle or a feeding, we stop and attend to them. There is never a rush, I allow plenty of time to get just the photos we are looking for.

It’s about the baby, not the photo: At no point will I risk putting a baby in a pose that is unsafe for the sake of a cute photo. The baby is never out of reach, and my experience and techniques used are designed to keep your baby feeling secure and supported.

No composite photos: Many of the photos you see online with babies in unbelievable poses are composites, created in Photoshop and not the studio. This is not my style, so if it looks like something a baby couldn’t do (like holding their own heads up on their hands), that’s a composite.

Natural is always better: While I love a sweet prop like a headband or fuzzy blanket, I use props to enhance their natural cuteness, never enough to clutter the photo or detract from them. It’s all about those tiny toes, fingers, and other little parts of them that won’t be little for long.

Booking Your Portland Baby Photographer; Me!

To book your session, get in touch, all I need is your due date and a retainer. My clients book their newborn session time with me after the baby arrives since most of the time their arrival date is a surprise. Many clients email me from the hospital to tell me that the baby is here! 

We’ll then get your session scheduled within the first 7-21 days of life. At this time, the baby is still tiny and sleepy most of the day and loves to be in those curly, squishy poses we love.

Be sure to book as soon as possible, as I only accept a limited number of newborn sessions per month to ensure the highest quality of service.

At your session, we’ll work together to create those heirloom pieces that you’ll love. Hang them on the walls, and pass them down for generations to come! I’m so proud that many of my newborn clients become family photography clients; I get to watch these little ones grow up in front of my camera!

Siblings are always welcomed at the session, and I love capturing the sweet moments between the bigs and the littles!

Maternity Sessions in Portland

If you haven’t considered a maternity session, then you definitely should. It’s such a special time in your life, no matter if this is your first baby or if you are adding on to your family. These photos are special to your children, too. It shows them how much you loved them before they were even born!

Maternity sessions are generally done between 28-34 weeks when your belly is nice and round and you’re still able to move about comfortably. I have a full client wardrobe of beautiful gowns or you can bring your own clothing that makes you feel beautiful. 
I have tons of ideas for locations that are perfect for this kind of photography; locations are all over the greater Portland area in Hillsboro, Beaverton, The Columbia River Gorge and around the North Plains.

Contact me here; I can’t wait to meet you, your family, and the newest member of your family!