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Two Reasons Not to Skip Your Portland Maternity Photos

Two Reasons Not to Skip Your Portland Maternity Photos

Being pregnant is an amazing experience in so many ways. It’s full of wonder, full of amazing body changes, and full of so many new feelings. For every woman (and every pregnancy!), these feelings and experiences are different. With each pregnancy I had, I felt different, experienced things differently, and the good and the bad were very different.

But, let’s be honest…those changes to our body and our emotions are also challenging sometimes. I don’t have to tell you what they are, because if you’re pregnant…you KNOW.

Here are two reasons I hear a lot about skipping Portland maternity sessions. On the outside, they seem pretty straightforward, but let’s dig a  little deeper.

Body Image

Let’s get real; there are days you probably feel pretty darn good being pregnant, especially in that magical second trimester when your hormones calm down a bit, you’re sleeping better, and hopefully able to eat things with no issues.

Maybe you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and you can see that glow that people talk about, and you start feeling pretty good about yourself! But then… there are those other days. The days you feel bloated, not like yourself, and like this tiny human that you already love so much will never stop poking you in the ribs.

Here’s the thing I think most people miss; your body is doing AMAZING things for you. It’s working hard, and you’re working through it. You’re strong, so powerful…even on those days all you want to do is lay on the couch and eat ice cream. And when it comes time to bring your little one into the world, you’ll be strong then too.

Don’t you think that strong woman deserves photos of this fantastic, vital thing she is doing…growing an actual human?!

I sure do. And, it’s my job to make you feel as beautiful as everyone else sees.


There are very few things in life that we get one shot at. The time that you are pregnant can’t be recreated. So when I hear people say things like “we’ll save the money for the baby photos,” I understand where they are coming from, but it’s a bit misguided.

Maternity photos are about you and your baby and the relationship you have with the baby. In some cases, it’s also about the relationship with the baby’s father. When the baby arrives, those photos are about the baby and about becoming a family. These are two very separate but important events in your life.

Skipping maternity photos is kind of like saying, “We’re not having a wedding photographer because we’re saving our money for the honeymoon.”

Portland Maternity Photos

You deserve to have photos that celebrate the fact that you are bringing this amazing little human into the world, and they deserve to see these photos. When your child sees photos of you pregnant, they will know that they were loved even before they were born into your family.

Maternity sessions are best done between 28-34 weeks when your belly is still round and high, and you’re able to move around comfortably. There are many beautiful places to do maternity sessions in the Portland area; some of my favorites are Beaverton, Hillsboro, The Columbia River Gorge, and the North Plains.

I have an entire client wardrobe, so you don’t even have to invest in clothing if you don’t want to. The wardrobe includes flowy gowns, beautiful robes, and dresses, and really, everything you need for a gorgeous photo session.

If you’re looking for some wonderful boutiques that have great clothing for a maternity session; here are a few I like:

After the session, I’ll help you choose just the perfect heirloom piece to commemorate this special time. I promise you’ll never regret these once-in-a-lifetime photos, and I believe that your children will love looking at them as much as mine love seeing the photos of me pregnant with them.

Let’s get your Portland maternity session scheduled. I’d love to hear more about you and your growing family!