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Family picture of mom, dad and newborn in their Portland home

Your In-Home Portland Newborn Session: What to Expect

What to expect from your In – Home Newborn Session

I know those first days with your new family member are busy! Between doctors appointments, feeding schedules, and visitors, some parents opt for me to come to them for their Portland newborn session, rather than coming into the studio. This allows me to capture your family pictures in more of a lifestyle way. Maybe you want to commemorate your first home together as a family or make sure all the hard work you put into the nursery is in baby’s album or maybe you just know you’d rather stay at home than take baby out another time. Either way, I am happy to travel to you for your newborn session in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, and everywhere in between!

Studio Newborn Portraits in your own home

When I get to your home for your newborn session, I will be bringing a full setup for baby’s pictures. I will usually set up my lighting, bean-bag and props in the nursery because I like to use a space heater to make sure baby is nice and comfortable when they aren’t swaddled. Babies are used to being in your belly so the shock of a cold room usually isn’t their favorite thing so I crank that space heater while I’m setting everything up. Your child’s newborn pictures will look the same as my studio work because I am using all the same equipment, just in the comfort of your own home. During this time, the parents are usually taking the time to feed so baby is nice and sleepy for their solo pictures. I then take baby through the same workflow I use in the studio while they take their nap. I use props like a cute bucket, basket, and then a couple seamless fabric backdrop on the beanbag so all the focus is just on your precious little one. After this, baby is usually ready for another feeding. So while that is happening, I clean up all the things I brought before we move on!

Now – lifestyle family pictures

Most parents love doing these in either the nursery or their bedroom. As long as the room has a window, I can do parent, sibling, and family pictures. When I get to your home and look around, I am studying the direction and quality of the natural light in the room so I can use it best for your lifestyle pictures!

After this, I’ll be off to go edit your proofing gallery so you can pick your favorites! You will have your soft-edited images in your inbox the next day, and then your final images within a week of choosing which you would like! I know how excited you are to see your baby’s pictures so I don’t make you wait long at all!

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