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Baby Nest Birth Services | Supporting Moms Through Postpartum

From your first baby to your 5th, moms-to-be and moms of newborns go through a lot of physical and emotional changes that, while beautiful, can be overwhelming or stressful. The doulas at Baby Nest Birth Services agree and are eager to help you. Because having positive and encouraging support during this transformative chapter in your life is invaluable.

About the Baby Nest Birth Services

Sherilee, the owner of Baby Nest, didn’t set out to start a business. However, after her firstborn, she fell in love with the beautiful experience that brought him to her. She wanted to support other women in their beautiful journey by cheering them on and reminding them of their strength. So, in 2003 she became a Certified Doula and educator of The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth. After more experience, her passion organically grew into Baby Nest Birth Services in 2012. As a result, the business became a dedicated and passionate team of 8 certified and educated doulas. These supportive birthing and postpartum doulas want your birthing experience and the first steps of your life with your newborn to be positive, encouraging, and full of joy. For these women, how you feel matters. 

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Birthing Doula Services 


  • Physical, emotional, and educational support 
  • Unlimited support by phone, text & email
  • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks until your baby arrives. 
  • Two prenatal meetings in your home to learn about your birth vision
  • A labor comfort kit
  • Pregnancy Power Tea 
  • Discounts for Baby Nest Birth Service add-ons such as placenta encapsulation, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum classes, and community providers
  • Two postpartum meetings to check on recovery
  • Breastfeeding and baby care support

Postpartum Doula Care Services

  • Bright Beginning: 10 hours of daytime support (3-hour daily minimum) $450
  • Nurtured Night: 8 hours of overnight support

(Typically 10pm-6am) $440

  • Lactation and Lightened Load: In-Home Lactation Consult and two 3-hour shifts of daytime support $520
  • Solid Support: 30 hours of daytime support

(3-hour daily minimum) $1300 (save $50)

  • Strong Start: 16 hours of daytime support and one full overnight of care $1110(save $50)
  • Hourly Rates

Daytime $45 (3-hour min)

Overnight $55 (8-hour min)

Extra Baby Nest Birth Services and products:

  • Placenta Encapsulation $350-$375, placenta tincture $20-$75, and placenta prints $5
  • Lactation consultant 
  • Classes
  • Creams, teas, and more!

newborn baby wrapped in neutral colors with their head on their hands Baby Nest Birth Services


Baby Nest Birth Services’ profession is support and guidance through pregnancy, birth, and Postpartum. From encouraging words, education, and resources to help with baby, errands, or light housework so you can heal, they are eager to help.

Baby Nest Birth Services

Whether you’re planning a home or hospital birth, unmedicated or epidural, you have their support, guidance, and knowledge available. You want Taylor Swift or Salt-N-Pepa’s Push It! playing while you push. They are ready to hit play. If a safe, joyful, and encouraging space where you feel supported, heard, and empowered with continued support in your postpartum journey sounds like motherhood bliss, you want Baby Nest Birth Services.

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