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Baby Wit Boutique: Alternative Baby Clothes for Your Little One!

Are you a modern mama with an alternative style looking to outfit your baby the same way? Look no further! Baby Wit Boutique is the PERFECT spot for you.

Shop Baby Wit Boutique for Alternative Clothing

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Baby Wit is not your average baby store, from motorcycle onesies to location-themed tees to hilarious slogans stamped on the apparel of all kinds. Leaving the basic staples to everyone else, this shop is your go-to place for unique items, gifts, and gags.

In an age where it is often more comfortable to “blend in” with the world around us, it is more important than ever to embrace the things we love and find joy in diversity! By encouraging our children to express themselves through the way they dress, we send them the message that taking pride in being ourselves should always be the goal.

Styles at Baby Wit Baby Boutique

Instead of being organized into genders, clothing types, or colors, Baby Wit Boutique’s website is categorized into styles. These categories include:

  • Cool (featuring scenic, location-based onesies)
  • Cute (adorable slogans and family love!)
  • Funny (think ironic and controversial!)
  • Geek (pictures of historical figures and sci-fi humor!)
  • Nature (scenic views and cute wildlife!)
  • Pop culture (King Kong and vintage references!)
  • Punk rock (rebellious and one-of-a-kind!)
  • Unique (Digestive systems, llamas, horror references, and more!)

When you select which style you want to look at, you can sort through the options by filtering your preferences by age group, price, and product type.

Why Shop at This Alternative Store

wrapped newborn baby boy in a basket baby wit boutique

Is the Vintage Bike T-shirt not enough? Here are a few more reasons you should shop at Baby Wit Boutique:

They are environmentally conscious. 

Baby Wit clothing was made specifically for customers who love to have fun while upholding a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, they only purchase Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton blanks. This means that you can trust products from Baby Wit to be free of any chemicals, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

All products are made in the USA.

Since its launch in 2003, Baby Wit Boutique has been dedicated to keeping all of its products made within the nation, supporting locals, and creating jobs right in Portland, Oregon.

They genuinely care.

Baby Wit Boutique takes pride in its customer service. They are always open to suggestions and questions and love receiving phone calls and texts from customers.

It’s a charitable company.

Baby Wit Boutique donates 1% of all sales to via 1% For The Planet.

They have customizable options.

Although this shop has a large inventory of onesies, shirts, and other apparel, they are always open to creating more! For a customizable print, contact the store via call or text at (503)-893-8666.

Baby Wit Boutique

Baby Wit Boutique is the perfect shop for you if you are looking for unique apparel that you won’t find anywhere else. So embrace your unique style and encourage your little one to do the same- happy shopping! 

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