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Canyon Medical Center Portland for Experienced & Great Midwives

A midwife’s caring, skillful hands deliver over 80% of the babies born today. Maybe you’re looking for a birth center or a great group of midwives in Portland. Canyon Medical Center Portland provides exceptional midwife care dedicated to the support and guidance of mom and baby.

About Canyon Medical Center Portland

Canyon Medical Center, founded in 1982, offers a variety of convenient whole-family health care, including pediatrics, women’s health, fertility and preconception planning, prenatal care, midwifery, and natural childbirth. Canyon Medical Center’s birthing center truly puts you as the mom in priority, believing that birth is not only about bringing a baby into this world but also about confident mothers recognizing their inner strength and building resilient, positive families who learn, grow and adapt together.

The naturopathic midwives at Canyon Medical Center believe entirely in women’s ability to create and nurture life, trusting instinct. Canyon Medical Center truly wants to help women achieve and maintain an optimal pregnancy while offering education and emotional support and assisting them throughout!

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Canyon Medical Center has a lot to offer. Its many birthing packages and services, including midwives, enhance your birth experience. Some of their services include: 

  • birth doulas, 
  • prenatal nutrient support package, 
  • postpartum support package, 
  • placenta encapsulation, 
  • holistic pelvic care, and 
  • nitrous oxide labor relief. 

Canyon Medical Center offers state-licensed, modern birthing suites and the ability to accompany you during a home birth! They want you to feel safe and at home in their facility during labor and your postpartum stay. Their birthing suites are fully appointed with the utmost attention given to you and your family’s comfort during labor, birth, and postpartum stay.

Each suite offers a state-of-the-art birthing pool, a queen-sized bed, and a private bathroom. Also included in each suit is a Sonos sound system in each room, which can make listening to your birthing music easy and convenient. Each suite possesses the standard equipment necessary for safe delivery. 

newborn in a blue knitted hat and swaddle sleeping with his hands crossed Canyon Medical Center Portland


Canyon Medical Center also offers childbirth classes geared towards people who deliver at home or in a birth center. Their first class, Cultivating Your Brain and Body for Birth, includes harmonizing your mind and body with nutrition, posture, exercise, and relaxation. It aids you in working with your baby to enhance labor’s progress with position and movement. Another resourceful class for moms, Building Your Toolkit for Labor, teaches moving through delivery with ease, grace, and, most importantly, comfort. It’s more than just understanding textbook labor; it’s planning how you will meet labor’s intensities and challenges. This class is excellent for getting into a prepared mindset!

The Things You’re Not Thinking About class teaches about communicating your personal needs and preferences to the support team and not letting your fears get the best of you. It teaches preparing for the possibility of a hospital experience and staying grounded during birth. It also teaches being connected during birth that needs more medical support, whether at home or in the hospital. Their Breastfeeding, Pumping, and Bottle Feeding class is arguably one of the most important to keep informed! It teaches the basics of breastfeeding, the new dynamics between mothers and partners, and how to prepare, troubleshoot, and build a life around feeding a newborn.

Canyon Medical Center’s fifth class, Life After Birth, teaches the basics of infant care and adapting to your new normal. Meanwhile, it also teaches you to have realistic expectations of yourself, your partner, and your baby. Each of these classes is an excellent resource for parents, whether you’re new to the game or are a “pro”!

Canyon Medical Center Portland

This midwife and birth service has a lot to offer while keeping you and your care at the center of their attention! Canyon Medical Center Portland is definitely worth checking out to see if they’re right for you! 

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