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Why I Loved Having a Portland Birth Photographer

I loved having a Portland birth photographer

Birth Photography – Hold Her Hand, Not the Camera

Some people love it, some people are weirded out by the thought of someone being there taking pictures while they are giving birth. For me, it was pure love. Our Portland Birth Photographer was Desirea from . My births took awhile, and I never felt rushed by her. She has the most wonderful calm, peaceful presence. The moments she was able to document are ones I never want to forget: how my husband supported me, what room we were in, the look on our face when we found out our team green baby was a boy and the way our newborns stared at us the first time they were earthside. Even the weather – she didn’t leave any details out, and I’m all about it. After birth, she even waited around til my older children could meet their sibling since my babies were born in the daytime and grandma was ready at a moment’s notice to come meet her newest grandbaby!

When I got the fully edited gallery, I was able to order an heirloom photography album. Seeing those memories in print in the album she provided was wonderful. I was a new mom, I didn’t have time to be making an album of 150 images. But she was more than happy to do it for me and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t want to forget any part of it. We talked before the birth about which shots I was comfortable with, and which I wasn’t so I personally didn’t have any super graphic images. She used the right angles to photograph my husband catching our little one, and pulling them up to my chest. Birth is something we only get to experience a time or two, (or four for me, haha!) so it was very important to me to have a birth photographer there. I didn’t have one for my first, and wish I had after seeing the images from my second child’s birth!

I have had the honor of documenting births as a Portland birth photographer, and loved it. It is so exciting, and so magical.

The scheduling demands just couldn’t work anymore for our busy family though. So I am happy to refer anyone looking for a Portland birth photographer to Desirea! Her documentary birth photography is perfection!

Since you’re here, if you are pregnant and looking for a Portland maternity and newborn photographer to document this beautiful, fleeting time in your life, hop on over to my maternity portfolio here, and my Portland newborn photography here.

Wishing you the best luck in your pregnancy! But the moral of this post is take the pictures, you won’t regret it! 🙂