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Beaverton Yoga Studios for Gentle Workouts From Pregnancy to After Birth

While pregnancy is endlessly exciting but can also be hard on your body. Suddenly, your limbs are stretched and pulled in ways you never thought possible. Of course, it’s a miracle how our bodies can grow a completely new person, but the strain is tough to handle. This is why prenatal yoga is such a game-changer. Prenatal yoga is not just a great way to stay active. Still, the increase in flexibility is vastly helpful for your shifting joints. It allows you to find your center even when that center is rapidly expanding! Plus, specific stretches help train your body for labor. Additionally, establishing a solid yoga practice throughout pregnancy is ideal for the months following delivery so your body can gently recover. Luckily, there are some incredible yoga studios in Beaverton. Here is a short list of some of my favorites.  

Six Incredible Beaverton Yoga Studios

Earth Breath Yoga

Earth Breath Yoga is a newer Beaverton studio founded on ancient techniques. The founder, Rachael Summers, worked for years as a massage therapist. Then, in 2019, she completed her yoga teacher training. At the time, she was seven months pregnant. She realized how helpful the practice was for her pregnancy and continued to maintain prenatal yoga classes for mamas-to-be. The prenatal courses focus on building strength and finding your mental center. The combination of stretches and breathwork is ideal for any trimester. Plus, Earth Breath Yoga prenatal classes are all taught by mothers who have walked through this experience and are now ready to guide you. 

Still looking for more reasons to love this place? The center offers prenatal massages designed to decrease stress hormones while soothing parts of the body that are strained by pregnancy. Earth Breath Yoga is a studio that will care for you in every aspect of motherhood

Yoga Omazing

Since 2013, Yoga Omazing has been a marvelous studio in Beaverton to find your zen. While the center specializes in many practices, their prenatal classes are incredibly wonderful. They offer standard prenatal classes that will strengthen flexibility and breathwork, and they also have gentle beginner classes and sound baths that will work for any yogi. You can rest amongst the comfy blankets at the studio and bury yourself in the soothing, meditative sounds. Plus, Yoga Omazing understands if you can’t make a class. If you miss any sessions, you are able to roll your membership and use the package after delivery so you can dive back in even after your little one has arrived.

Lotus Spirit Yoga Studio in Beaverton

Lotus Spirit Yoga studio was founded by Jessica Eriksen to connect Beaverton yogis everywhere. While Lotus Spirit may not have designated prenatal courses, their goal is to help every person build strength and practice in a way that’s right for their own body. The studio offers gentle yoga courses suitable for every level, as well as personal training sessions with Jessica. However, she allows you to make the modifications that might be necessary. Jessica is well-studied when it comes to knowing how to create a yoga practice that will best suit your needs. Whether you want a technique that will build strength for delivery or prefer to create one that you can continue to use after your little one arrives. Jessica will find something good for you. Lotus Spirit Yoga also offers video series for those weeks when you want to practice from the comfort of your own home. 

Flow Lab

Flow Lab is an innovative studio that has classes for every level. While many Beaverton residents have fallen in love with their studio HIIT classes and cardio strength labs, their slow-flow yoga classes are great for every person. This flow is ideal for gently warming the body while ensuring proper technique. Their well-trained instructors are ready to work with you to ensure you’re hitting these power poses correctly. Flow Lab works with the Mindbody app to make scheduling classes a breeze. With traditional practices, hybrid techniques, and innovative approaches, Flow Lab is an excellent studio for before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Bonfire Hot Yoga

Hot yoga caught on in popularity several years ago for a good reason. The combination of heat and stretches helps increase flexibility as well as lung capacity. Bonfire Hot Yoga offers a wide variety of heated classes that are perfect for the months after delivery. Your body will feel restored following their courses! While Bonfire specializes in hot yoga, you don’t need to wait until after pregnancy to check out the studio. Bonfire offers a lovely Yin Yoga course that is unheated and safe for every level. The class is designed to build flexibility by accessing deeper connective tissues, tendons, and ligaments. Your body will appreciate the workout, while your mind will love the calming nature of the course. 

Yiwen Yoga

Named after the studio’s founder, Yiwen Yoga is a peaceful center designed for students of all levels. Yiwen offers a variety of yoga classes at her Beaverton studio. From more intense vinyasas to slower hathas that focus on improving your practice, this studio is the perfect option for any yogi. Yiwen limits numbers to ensure each class has no more than twelve students. This is an excellent way to ensure she can accommodate you and make any modifications you might need. Slow vinyasa yoga is especially great for pregnancy. The practice focuses on breath control and lets you move at your own pace. Yiwen has begun to offer all classes online, making this studio an ideal choice for practicing long after delivery. 

Beaverton Yoga Studios

Yoga is truly the best workout for everyone. Creating a regular practice throughout pregnancy is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. With any of these Beaverton Yoga Studios, I know you’ll find a love for the exercise that will last long after your newborn arrives. 

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