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Portland Lactation Consultant Options to Lead You Through Breastfeeding

Those first few months of breastfeeding are hard work, especially for new moms. Yes, breastfeeding is natural, but at the same time, you and your baby are new to this. Sometimes, it doesn’t automatically click. When you struggle with nursing, it might be tempting to feel ashamed and try to power through it without help. But breastfeeding issues tend to compound. Not only will your baby miss out on necessary nutrients, but an improper latch can lead to clogged ducts and nasty infections such as mastitis. The good news is that a Portland lactation consultant is more than happy to help you.

How a Portland Lactation Consultant Can Help You

Finding a lactation consultant is your best option if you struggle to nurse but want to make it work out. Often, insurance covers much of these service fees meaning nursing assistance is simply a phone call away. As a Portland newborn photographer, I talk to many struggling moms and hear about the professionals who have helped them through. Here are some of the Portland lactation consultants my clients have come to love. 

Luna Lactation

Established by Melissa Cole, Luna Lactation is a practice committed to providing families with the care they need to reach their wellness goals. Luna Lactation combines herbal remedies with evidence-based research to help women with their nursing needs. The board-certified specialists will meet with you for a consultation in their comfortable office. You’ll review past feedings and discuss any issues you are currently experiencing. After a quick examination, your specialist will view a feeding to see if any potential obstacles keep you from a positive nursing experience. They’ll then work with you to resolve any issues and schedule a check-up to ensure you receive adequate help. On top of their expert assistance, the practice offers affordable infant scale and breast pump rentals. You can leave feeling confident in your nursing journey. To find out more about the practice, visit their website.   

Bliss Lactation

Bliss Lactation is here to guide you through all your nursing needs while meeting you in a place that works best. They offer in-office visits, but their consultants are happy to meet at your home to discuss any current struggles. The board-certified consultants address all issues with compassion and expertise. Both women are mothers who have had their own experiences breastfeeding. They understand all the frustration that can go along with these issues and will resolve them in a way that works best for your family. Their website contains testimonials from women who have found the help they so desperately needed. You can meet their consultants and find out more about their practice on their website. 

Cascadia Lactation

Cascadia Lactation is an inclusive center that believes all families should feed their babies in ways that they see best. This team of lactation consultants in Portland offers judgment-free care to new parents struggling to make nursing work. The team approaches lactation issues by first planning. Before you deliver your baby, you can schedule a prenatal consultation to address any potential issues you might face with nursing.

For problems that arise after delivery, they’ll set up a 90-minute consultation where they will provide an examination, evaluate your milk supply, view feeding, and more. They’ll schedule a follow-up call within 48 hours of the appointment to ensure a resolution is on its way. Cascadia also provides back-to-work consultations where you can address any concerns about nursing after you return to your job. Beyond all of their incredible services, they’re fierce advocates, making sure you have access to the help you need. Visit their website to find out more about the practice. 

Full Milk Moon

Founded by Kate Rutledge in 2014, Full Milk Moon focuses on building a village to help you with your parenthood needs. The practice offers both virtual and in-person lactation appointments to get you the necessary assistance. On top of Kate’s consultations, you can find a comprehensive list of services at Full Milk Moon, including gentle infant bodywork, craniosacral therapy, and free postpartum support groups. With this lactation consultant in Portland, you’ll find the community while receiving help for your nursing needs. You can find out more about the practice at their website.

Opus Lactation

Sarah Fuller started Opus Lactation to provide new parents with the necessary assistance. Opus Lactation is an accessible solution for your nursing concerns. Sarah currently offers virtual visits where you can ask questions without fearing judgment. As a lactation consultant in Portland, she also provides initial in-home visits on an as-needed basis. Sarah is tremendous at understanding your needs and creating a solution that will be best for your family. Whether you’re navigating supply issues or your baby is having trouble latching, Sarah will work with you to find a resolution to keep your family thriving. Go to the website to find out more about her services. 

Wildflower Lactation

Beth Waters, the founder of Wildflower Lactation, is an expert lactation consultant in Portland. With over ten years of experience, she strives to support struggling families with nursing. On top of receiving her official certification as a lactation consultant in 2019, Waters is a trained postpartum doula. She will soon be offering parents holistic sleep support as well. Beth offers multiple consultation visits with both in-home and virtual options. Following the initial consultation, you can book a follow-up visit where she will evaluate current symptoms and conduct a physical assessment. She’ll contact you to ensure your baby is growing as expected. Beth also has a wide range of resources to connect you with any additional help you might need. You can find out more about Wildflower Lactation on their website.  

Portland Lactation Consultant

While breastfeeding is natural, sometimes, it can be a difficult journey. There is no reason to feel ashamed of reaching for help. By calling any of the listed Portland lactation consultants, you will receive the help you need to keep you and your baby happy and healthy. 

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