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Check Out Birth Roots Portland for Excellent Parenting Classes!

It is true when they say it takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes it can be tough to be a new mom and find that village! At Birth Roots in Portland, they are here for just that reason, to be your village. Birth Roots Portland is a non-profit group providing parents with education and resources. Their goal is to invest in the community and provide whatever they can for families during pregnancy, birth, and throughout those early years of parenting. Whatever your chosen path is during parenthood, Birth Roots Portland is here to assist you every step of the way!

About Birth Roots Portland

Wherever and however you plan to give birth, there is a class for you at Birth Roots Portland. Classes allow you to ask whatever questions you may have and get real answers that apply directly to you and your family’s needs. There are so many classes offered; there is definitely something for everyone, no matter what you may need.


The prenatal and pregnancy classes include classes dependent on where you are in your pregnancy. There is the Pregnancy Class, and this is for parents in the first and second trimesters. Then there is the Birth Class, Feeding Your Newborn, and Newborn Care for parents in their third trimester.

Since classes are separated, you can directly connect with parents in the same stage of your pregnancy, create that village, and support every new parent’s needs. There are classes offered specifically for when your new little one arrives.

These classes include the Buds Class, the Sprouts Class, The Seedlings Class, and Lil Siblings Class. Each class caters to a specific age for your little one. Hence, just like the pregnancy classes, you can relate with parents with children similar in age to yours. You can create a support system and relationships with parents raising kids the same age as your little ones.

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A unique aspect of this community is that they have an outdoor classroom. Birth Roots Portland designed this space to hold classes in nature when the weather cooperates. Having these classes outside fosters a safe, comfortable, and nature-sourced atmosphere for the prenatal and postnatal classes.

All classes take a flexible approach in which they help parents understand why emotions and behaviors are happening with their little ones and how to work with them. Not only will you learn parenting basics, but you will also learn how to adapt and change as your child grows and their needs change.

Every class at Birth Roots Portland provides parents with resources, tools, and a listening ear whenever they may need it so they can remain steady and confident in their parenting when their little ones need them the most.

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Birth Roots Portland

If you need some help to build your village, check out Birth Roots in Portland, as they are here to help you be the best parents you can and want to be. Just head over to their website, and you can enroll in classes today!

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