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pregnant mom in navy maternity gown looking towards her bump Motherseed Midwifery

Motherseed Midwifery for Guidance on Your Motherhood Journey!

Founded by a mom who gave several births at home in her cabin, Rebecca Koller is the owner of Motherseed Midwifery. As a certified midwife, Rebecca believes birth is a sacred and unique experience for each mom, baby, and family. Motherseed Midwifery strives to provide individualized care for everyone involved in the birthing process, as well as really preserve the idea of how midwives played a role in the traditional midwife atmosphere. Rebecca practices traditional midwifery infused with some of the best evidenced-based practices and the best 21st-century resources and research. When you are in the care of Motherseed Midwifery, you will receive the very best care, exactly how you want it!  

About Motherseed Midwifery

Rebecca with Motherseed Midwifery offers prenatal midwifery care. You will receive visits about once a month until you are 28 weeks pregnant. Then weekly until your little one arrives. During the visits, Rebecca will monitor the health and well-being of you and your baby, provide nutritional counseling, provide necessary educational materials and discuss your questions and concerns. During labor, you will also receive support from Rebecca. She ensures that you have a safe experience and are provided with comfort measures to help ease the progression of labor. She will provide continuous hands-on assistance, carefully monitoring your and your baby’s well-being and offering comforting measures. 

pregnant mom in navy maternity gown looking towards her bump Motherseed Midwifery


Whether you choose to have your baby at home or even a water birth, Motherseed Midwifery connects you to resources. They also help you set up the delivery that best fits your choices. After your birth, Rebecca will stay at your home and continue to support and monitor you and your baby. Until you are both in stable condition. After your baby has arrived, Rebecca will also provide postpartum visits 4 times in the first month. She meets to discuss lactation, the growth and development of your new little one, and of course, your overall health and changes since giving birth. 

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Any stage of birth that you are Motherseed Midwifery will be there for you every step of the way. Rebecca is caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about supporting you with your birth decisions and choices. She wants to ensure that you have the best resources available. At Motherseed Midwifery, you can also see Rebecca for well-person care. This type of care is offered throughout all stages of your reproductive life. It includes various contraceptives, nutritional counseling, annual breast and pap smear exams, STD screenings, and a range of educational materials and resources. 

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Motherseed Midwifery

Motherseed Midwifery has services during your pregnancy, your labor and delivery, and for weeks after your little one arrives. Rebecca is super knowledgeable, passionate about helping moms have a natural home birth exactly how they want to, and strives to empower women to listen to their own bodies. Be sure to call Motherseed Midwifery to request your complimentary consultation. So go see if this midwife would be a good fit for you and your family! 

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