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Doula Love Portland | Support for Your Birthing Journey

Are you looking for a Doula in the Portland area? Look no further, as exceptional services are offered at Doula Love Portland to meet your specific needs through your pregnancy and birthing journey. 

Using Doula Love Portland for Your Birth

When choosing Doula Love Portland, you’ll receive care and support from an experienced, dedicated birthing professional. In addition, they have been family-owned since 2012. At this Portland doula service, it is not just about getting the baby out. Their priority is you! 


There are several options of services at Doula Love Portland. The birth doula package includes continuous doula care and support throughout your entire birth experience. You will also receive a breastfeeding and newborn care class and a comfort labor seminar class. In addition, throughout your pregnancy, you can participate in several support groups. These include bringing baby home classes, new parents group, and even something special for those dads, a new dads support group. 

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Types of Doulas Available

There are several types of doulas to choose from at Doula Love Portland, including student and professional doulas. To find the best fit, there is a test you can take on their website that will match you with your perfect doula fit. The fee for a professional doula ranges from $1000 to $2500 based on experience, and the number of families served. 

The student doulas are available as they are supervised and engaged in an intensive mentorship. The fee for student doulas is based on a sliding scale for income from $0 to $800. Additionally, they offer postpartum packages. They offer $45 per hour for daytime and overnight care. This Portland Doula also offers monthly packages starting at $1900, including 12 hours of daytime support, 32 overnight hours, and a class of your choice. Doula Love Portland has some of the most experienced doulas in the Portland area. 

After Birth

Doula Love Portland does not forget those other little ones in the home. They offer continuous hands-on and skilled childcare for your children in your home or at the birth location during your labor and up to four hours after birth. The doula will be on call 24/7, so no matter when you go into labor, you will have support for your other children and know they will be in caring hands. The cost for sibling-support services is $40 per hour, with a max of $1500 no matter how long your labor will go and up to 4 hours post delivery. 

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Placenta Encapsulation

Another unique service this Portland doula provides is their PDX placenta, in which they will offer placenta encapsulation and raw preparation services. The cost for placenta encapsulation is $300. All encapsulation orders come with an umbilical cord keepsake, and the price for the raw preparation is $200. 

Doula Love Portland

Whether you need support during pregnancy, laboring and birth guidance, or care during the postpartum transition, Doula Love Portland has many options that can meet your needs and your family’s. 

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