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Tidee Didee Portland | Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Diapers

When it comes to babies, parents do their best to make healthy choices for their little ones head to toe. That includes their little bottoms! So if you’re living in the Portland, Oregon area and looking for a disposable diaper alternative that’s good for the environment, baby, and your wallet, then you need to check out Tidee Didee Portland

About Tidee Didee Portland

Featuring a Diaper Rental Service and a Natural Baby Boutique, Tidee Didee is family-owned and operated. The company has been providing diaper services and products to the Portland metro area since 1970. This company is committed to providing quality products, supporting the local community, and hiring local families to work for them. They also offer safer alternatives to disposable diapers to protect the environment in the Northwest. Their office and boutique are at 6011 S.E. 92nd Avenue in Portland, Oregon. They’re open Monday-Friday 8 am-3 pm.

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Tidee Didee’s cloth diapers are treated with antiseptic properties as part of a rigorous cleaning process. As a result, they are pH-balanced to help prevent your baby from getting rashes. In addition, there are rinse diapers for babies with sensitive skin to keep their skin fresh and clean.

It includes sizes ranging from preemies for the super little ones to pull-on training pants for the bigger kids. In addition, you can have their pre-folded style diapers delivered right to your door and make changing your baby a breeze with their 100% natural cotton diapers. In addition, you can also get pins, cute diaper covers, plastic covers for potty training, Snappi wraps, wet bags, and diaper pails, to name just a few.

The diaper rental period is seven days. Rather than being charged by your little one’s usage, you are charged by the order. As the baby grows and requires fewer changes, you can adjust the number of diapers you need. There is no online ordering for cloth diapering items from Natural Baby Boutique. They are available only in-store.

TIdee Didee can deliver diapers one week before your due date. During the week, dirty diapers are collected, and clean diapers are delivered on the same day. Currently, they service the Portland metro area from Salem to Vancouver and Sandy to Forest Grove.

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Saving the Environment

Tidee Didee is passionate about reducing landfill waste and protecting little bottoms from toxic chemicals in disposable diapers and wipes. They make safe, sustainable, and healthy alternatives to disposable diapers. Additionally, they want to save local families $1000 per diapered kid. It’s clear from their boutique that they love serving their community and supporting local businesses! You can find great information about cloth diapers on their website, including:

  • Switch from disposable to cloth
  • Benefits for potty training
  • Diaper folds for baby’s comfort

Tidee Didee Portland

Between saving money, the environment, baby’s little bottom, adorable diapers, and the convenience of scheduled pickup and delivery, Tidee Didee Portland has all the information you need to start saving.

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