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FIT4MOM Portland

FIT4MOM Portland for Workouts Great for Pre and Post-Pregnancy!

Moms often get the short stick when it comes to self-care opportunities, especially if they’re the primary parent and don’t get much time to themselves. Luckily, FIT4MOM Portland was created and is a great program just for you! Let me tell you about this beautiful asset to our community!

About FIT4MOM in Portland

FIT4MOM is a great organization that supports fitness for Portland moms and encourages you to get your body back with their classes and exercises! FIT4MOM is proud to be the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program. It suits moms in all stages of motherhood and physical ability. You don’t have to be fit to enjoy this group, but you do have to have a “do it” mentality; it is a workout group, after all! FIT4MOM wants to invite everyone to try it out, so they offer your first class free! This excellent option gives you a feel for the environment and class expectations and how your little one interacts and enjoys the class. 

FIT4MOM Portland


From pregnancy through postpartum, FIT4MOM provides fitness classes and a network of moms to support the journey of Portland motherhood. They have a variety of workouts and classes to participate in. Their Stroller Strides workout is a 60-minute total body workout that includes strength, cardio, and core training while engaging the babes in the strollers. The Strides 360 workout increases your endurance and speed in a 60-minute workout with other moms.  

Their Body Well workout empowers you to grow and achieve what you didn’t think was possible. Body Well is an 8-week mom-only program that consists of weekly activities, group accountability, nutritional guidance, recipes, and weekly challenges meant to help improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This program completely adjusts for you by setting your goals, tracking your habits, and working with your coach. FIT4MOM also has a FIT4BABY workout program that is a 6-week prenatal program consisting of weekly private group workouts, community support, and a weekly journal to document your pregnancy. The program contains exercises that build your mental and physical strength and endurance, and prepare you for pregnancy, birth, and after. 

FIT4MOM also has an up-and-coming running club. This 8-week guided training program for 5k, 10k, or half marathon distance runs provides opportunities to learn and improve your running techniques through the group’s detailed training plans, coaching, and community support. 

FIT4MOM Portland

Stay Connected

FIT4MOMs has an easily accessible and user-friendly online portal that shows weekly and daily scheduled Portland classes that also allows you to enroll. The portal will also show you which of the group’s instructors is leading the class and how long the class will last. While you can just show up to any class, they prefer pre-registering, which ensures you get all the details about meeting places and what you should expect. Locations could change for things like inclement weather, and pre-enrollment will ensure you’re notified of these changes! 

What does a FIT4MOM Class Look Like?

FIT4MOM invites anyone, pregnant or even right after birth, to join in. For their stroller classes, a jogging stroller isn’t a must. But your child must stay in the stroller regardless of age. So keep that in mind if you’re planning on bringing multiple! The classes are designed to keep the littles engaged and moving by incorporating songs and props to keep them focused. But if you need to change, nurse, or console your child during the workout, don’t hesitate. FIT4MOM Portland understands you’re a mom first! However, please do not bring your children to mom-only classes and workouts. Since it allows other moms to get a good workout without their babies present. Yours being there could cause distraction. 


FIT4MOM is all about making it easy for Portland moms. So they host a few village events and kid crafts for their members. These can include paint and wine mom’s night out events, crafts after workouts for the kids, races, clothing swaps, and many more date nights, breakfasts, and craft days! FIT4MOM Our Village Events and Playgroup understands that life is about finding balance while nurturing our minds, bodies, and spirits. By becoming a FIT4MOM member, you join a tight community of moms. Where you can share advice, tips, stories, tears, and laughter. You’ll be able to support and connect with other moms through biweekly and monthly playgroups for children of all ages. In addition, they host other moms’ night outs, which are open to anyone, not just members! 

The Our Village Weekly Playgroup provides a free group to any mom. They want all moms to have access to these extraordinary events and fun-filled dates! FIT4MOM also has retail items for sale through its website. Things like mama and mini shirts, accessories, fitwear, and city shirts can be found and purchased here! The Our Village Weekly Playgroup and retail shop are great options to connect further. One represents a great organization and one creates a stronger community. Both are intended to celebrate and get the word out for all mamas to really benefit from something like this! 

FIT4MOM Portland

FIT4MOM Portland

This fantastic group welcomes every mom and child to join in on the fun of exercise and improving yourself, mentally and physically. All of this while having fun and finding an excellent mom community to confide in and build with. FIT4MOM Portland is worth checking out and utilizing the free class to stop in, get a feel for the class, and be introduced to the leaders and regular mamas. Grab the littles, pop them in the stroller, and go get a good workout, mama!

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