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No-Cost Doula Services at PDX Doulas in Portland, Oregon

Our area has a great resource treasure chest of wonderful non-profit organizations that provide free or discounted services. It doesn’t stop at healthcare or support services, either! PDX Doulas is one of these excellent resources that I would love to tell you about!

About PDX Doulas

PDX Doulas have been servicing the area since 2001. They are an organized doula service run by a small group of dedicated volunteer doulas and funded purely by donations and small grants. PDX Doulas work with private pay clients, as well as providing pro bono services to those who would not usually be able to afford or receive a doula. Originally thought of in 2000 by five doulas with a dream of serving birthing mothers, PDX Doulas has provided professional doula services at no cost to over five hundred birthing women and their families, including having attended high-risk births, cesarean births, water births, VBACs, and even (unfortunately) supported grieving parents during stillbirths. 

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PDX Doulas are skilled, trained, and must have attended birth doula training before even applying to volunteer. A few doulas are board certified, while others may be working their way toward Traditional Healthcare Worker certifications. Even after joining the team, they all receive training on collaboration, diversity, and patient confidentiality. They want to ensure that you receive the best care and support for your pregnancy journey. PDX Doulas are all volunteers, so a few doulas may be brand new and want to gain experience. In contrast, others may be seasoned and just want to find another way to get and give back to the community.

PDX Doulas offer doula services based on a traditional healthcare model. Which consists of two prenatal visits, a doula’s presence with you at birth, and two follow-up postpartum visits. The first postpartum visit will occur the day after your delivery to check everyone’s well-being. Your doula will also involve your partner, family, or friend in the birth process if you desire. They will help provide continuous support during labor alongside your doula.

Additionally, your doula continuously collaborates with your medical team to strive for the best possible birth experience.

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PDX Doulas wholly dedicated themselves to delivering the gold standard of doula care, particularly for those who wouldn’t usually be able to afford one if they wanted one. Believing that doula services are essential, Pthey have ensured no birthing parent goes without the needed support they deserve during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. If the client is a private pay client, the client must pay the doulas at their set individual prices. Otherwise, the services are at absolutely no cost to other clients. 

little girl holding her newborn baby sister PDX Doulas

PDX Doulas

If you need no-cost doula services, a place to donate to, or want to offer some kind of support to a non-profit group, PDX Doulas is a superb choice that, most importantly, puts their clients first. 

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