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ItsaBelly for Dedicated Birth & Postpartum Care & Resources

Congratulations, new mama! You are expecting a new arrival, and you want to make sure that you have the best of the best for when your new bundle of joy arrives. Deciding how you want to give birth is a very personal and intimate decision, and many moms have relied on midwife services. If you are interested in having a midwife, be sure to check out ItsaBelly today! 

About ItsaBelly 

For over 25 years, ItsaBelly has been supporting families all over Oregon. ItsaBelly comprises dedicated birth and postpartum doulas, experts for moms of multiples, and sleep and lactation support specialists. At ItsaBelly, they have many resources and support available for you and your family.


They can provide:

  • Birthing Doula Support,
  • Birth Planning,
  • Pregnancy Support Groups, and
  • Belly Casting.

At ItsaBelly, they have birth doulas that are here to support you during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. You will receive a team of two doulas who will support you with resources, guidance, creating a birth plan, managing labor discomforts, and being immediate post-birth support to help you feel settled.

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The doulas also offer postpartum support, which can include: 

  • hands-on education in newborn care, 
  • taking the night shift so you can sleep, eat, and shower so you can feel like a normal human again, 
  • shop for groceries and prepare meals, 
  • play with older children and help strengthen those bonds, 
  • help with laundry and dishes, 
  • organize the nursery, and of course 
  • just be a listening ear. 

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They are basically your fairy godmother to help you with everything that you may need. We all know that having a new little one can bring up a lot of questions, and the ItsaBelly team is here to support and answer all the questions that you may have during this transition.

ItsaBelly has classes with topics that could be right just for that, including Bringing Baby Home, Twins 101 Class, Multiples Consultation, and Baby-Proofing. They also offer new parent support groups so that you can connect with new moms who are going through exactly what you are, so you can create that village that we all need. You can also just go online and check out the updated list of dates and times for each class to find one that best fits your schedule. 


With so many doulas and services to choose from, ItsaBelly is for sure going to have something that you will definitely need and want to help you and your family transition throughout this fantastic new time in your lives. Whether you need support during your pregnancy, guidance for laboring and birth, or care during the postpartum transition, ItsaBelly has many options that can meet your specific needs for you and your family, so be sure to reach out to them today!

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