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Vivante Midwifery | A Top Provider for Pre-Pregnancy to Postpartum

Vivante Midwifery has many great healthcare providers committed to ensuring you are supported from pre-pregnancy to postpartum. Offering many GYN and pregnancy services, Vivante Midwifery is the place to go no matter where you are in your journey and whether you are more holistic or atomistic! 

About the Vivante Midwifery

Vivante Midwifery is women-run by four diverse ladies, all qualified and eager to guide and support you. Here you can find Linda Glenn, CNM, PM, HNP, MPH, MN, who has been actively practicing since 1975. With a diverse experience and story, she advocates for informed parents and healthy babies by helping pass legislation in North Carolina establishing a separate licensing board for nurse-midwives. She also developed the first birth center in North Carolina. Linda loves midwifery so much that she teaches it while attending home births and providing mental health services to patients.

Sharon Evans, CPM, LDM, started studying midwifery and herbalism in 2011. She focuses on humanizing and reducing the medicalization of birth. After traveling around the world and working in impoverished areas, she greatly desired to help people find empowerment and take control of their healthcare. While also being a midwife, Sarah Lax CHN, CPM, is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who teaches Perinatal Nutrition. She not only supports Vivante Midwifery families but also helps others optimize their pregnancies and early parenting experiences through two different programs designed to support new parents.

Last but not least, Laura Norton is a student midwife who is passionate about midwifery and lessening maternal and infant mortality rates while offering support and education to parents. All Vivante Midwifery care providers are eager and focused on support and education. 

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Vivante Midwifery offers many excellent services and caters to all women. They offer in-hospital birth and home birth attendance, prenatal and postpartum care and support, and GYN services. Their prenatal and postpartum services include:

  • In-home visits
  • Newborn screening
  • 24/7 care
  • Doulas
  • Lactation support
  • Finding support groups 

Their GYN services include family planning, annual exam and pap smears, holistic care, and preconception counseling. 

Vivante Midwifery’s specialty is holistic care and home births while also being able to support whether you’re planning on a home birth or hospital birth. In addition, there is a FAQ page listed on their website, which is relatively easy to maneuver. 

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Vivante Midwifery

No matter what you’re planning or where you are on your journey, Vivante Midwifery is seemingly perfect for everyone. Every healthcare provider here is passionate about education, information, and support, which is so vital for any and all women. These are a group of ladies to trust to get the birth you want!

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