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Unfurling Birth | Safe and Welcoming Team to Deliver Your Baby

The midwifery Unfurling Birth offers the ability to bring your baby into the world in the comfort of your home and can completely change your birthing story. Whether it’s your first little one or 5th, the beautiful and organic process of carrying a child and bringing them into the world is something to treasure. While it’s not uncommon for expecting parents to feel uneasy, scared, or unprepared, you don’t have to feel that way. For this reason, finding the right midwife for your family planning needs is critical. No matter your lifestyle and preferences, you deserve a safe, respectful, and supportive space where you feel heard and understood to deliver your baby. Fortunately, Unfurling Birth aims to provide that level of care. 

About Unfurling Birth

This small and passionate team of midwives is devoted to providing safe, supportive, informed, respectful, and inclusive care for anyone desiring a natural and beautiful birthing experience. Catherine Bailey, CPM, LDM, and Sarah Dinger, CPM, LDM, take the time to really get to know you as an individual to help provide thorough and attentive care. Additionally, Unfurling Birth believes in the wisdom and resilience naturally built into your body and baby. Therefore, they prefer not to intervene unless necessary, allowing you to listen to your body’s natural direction for a confident and empowering birth. 

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No matter your lifestyle, orientation, or gender, Unfurling Birth is ready to respect your preferences. Equally important, they want to help you with every step. From creating your family to bringing your beautiful baby into the world, Unfurling will be by your side, supporting you. 


  • Review of Health History
  • Tracking your cycles 
  • Discussion of the entire process 
  • Supplement/lab test recommendations
  • $225 for the initial visit and includes 3 months of phone/e-mail support and cycle charting review/timing plans
  • Midwife-Assisted Intrauterine Inseminations $200+

Prenatal Care at Unfurling Birth

  • A free one-hour consultation
  • Regularly scheduled appointments
  • Bloodwork, screening and diagnostic tests, and referrals for ultrasound or other testing when necessary
  • Monitoring vitals, listening to the baby’s heartbeat and palpating and measuring the belly at each visit

Birthing Care at Unfurling Birth

  • Catherine and Sarah will be by your side for complete labor and delivery support
  • Monitoring vitals for safety
  • Water birth is optional, and birthing pools are available for rent.
  • Establish breastfeeding

Postpartum Care with Unfurling Birth

  • Full postpartum care for the mother and baby is provided for the first six to eight weeks after the birth

Placenta Encapsulation 

  • For midwifery clients who are in their care for home birth, $200.
  • For those not utilizing their midwifery services, $25

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While Unfurling Birth may specialize in confident and beautiful birthing, they specialize in making each person feel validated and welcomed. You are respected and cherished whether married or single parent or LGBTQ individuals. They encourage support from loved ones and take time to understand your birth vision.

Unfurling Birth

If you’re looking for a safe and welcoming team to deliver your baby, look no further than Unfurling Birth. They also work with various insurances to make their service more accessible. You can find this great team at 7911 SE Stark St. Unit A Portland, OR 97215. Or you can visit their website to inquire about services.

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