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Bridgetown Baby | Postpartum Support in Portland for New Parents

After the visitors slow down, baby gifts stop arriving in the mail, and the meal trains have ended, who takes care of mother and baby during the tumultuous first year postpartum? From lack of sleep to teething woes, growth spurts, and doctor appointments, parenthood in the first year is challenging! At Bridgetown Baby in Portland, Oregon, parents can find integrated, compassionate, and friendly postpartum care and feeding support to assist families in the first year postpartum. 

About Bridgetown Baby

At Bridgetown Baby, certified postpartum doulas and lactation consultants form a team of coordinated care to meet the needs of the diverse community they serve. Serving over 500 families throughout the years, the medical professionals at Bridgetown Baby provide around-the-clock care and support. Because of this, families are equipped to get more rest, bond with their baby, and ease into parenthood with strength and confidence. 

Founded by Merriah Fairchild, a certified doula (CPD) and lactation consultant (IBCLC), Bridgetown Baby seeks to serve families in the Portland area. They help them to navigate the exhausting, lonely, and chaotic postpartum period. For this reason, the team provides holistic postpartum care through lactation consultants and doulas who offer customized plans tailored to each family’s unique needs.

The all-women team at Bridgetown Baby consists of 24 professionals from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, their unified goal is to provide comprehensive care, including feeding support, infant development, postpartum healing, perinatal yoga, and sleep coaching. 

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Postpartum Support

Bridgetown Baby offers postpartum support through comprehensive services. Packages offered include:

  • Bonded ($1,640): Build confidence in your relationship with your newborn as you bond with them through weekly support groups and lactation support. 
  • Balanced ($6,280): Enjoy balanced postpartum care that includes education on feeding, development, and sleep through webinars, daytime visits, and nighttime visits. 
  • Blessed ($17,980): Enjoy daytime and overnight visits, support groups, and feeding and sleeping consultations
  • A la carte services ($210-$920)

Lactation and Feeding Support

In reality, feeding a newborn can be a difficult and joyous task. From latch issues to weight loss to milk supply issues, many problems can arise during the first year postpartum as you feed and care for your little one. In fact, meeting with board-certified lactation consultants can provide parents with the support they’ll need as they breastfeed, bottle feed, or combination feed. 

  • Prenatal consult ($210): 90-minute consultation with an IBCLC
  • Great Start package ($540): 3 visits with an IBCLC
  • Danish package ($920): 9.5 hours with an IBCLC and doula 

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Classes and Groups

Bridgetown Baby also hosts classes and support groups both in-person and online. Support groups include Nurturing Circle Tuesday and Family-Building Support Circle (2nd Thursday of each month). Class topics include: 

  • Postpartum care
  • Newborn care
  • Newborn feeding basics
  • Twins 101
  • Partner techniques

Bridgetown Baby

The first year postpartum is a trying time for families. Fortunately, new parents can find all the resources they’ll need during this transition period at Bridgetown Baby. They’ll find a fantastic team of women from diverse medical backgrounds ready to support infant care, feeding, and postpartum healing. To visit Bridgetown Baby, head to 7800 SW Barbur Blvd, Suite 3, Portland, Oregon 97219.

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