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little boy in khaki overalls sitting in a bowl Pinwheels Resale

Access Adorable Clothing & Support the Community at Pinwheels Resale

When it comes to our kids’ wardrobes, toys, and gear, we, as parents, have two arch nemesis. Growth spurts cause them to outgrow all our favorite outfits and toys and, of course, wardrobe/toy emergencies while on the go. These two can be quite the foe for our wallets and even dip into our cold coffee funds, especially if you have multiple little ones. That’s why finding a place that doesn’t break the bank, offers quality items and style, and gives you money back, like Pinwheels Resale, is like finding a superhero.   

About Pinwheels Resale

As one of Portland’s oldest resale shops, this store has seen its share of owners and name changes over the years. The current owner, Sarah Holmes, stopped by this local resale shop known as Piccolina at the time in 2007. She desperately needed pants after her little one soaked their outfit on the way to a party. Little did she know that an emergency pit stop would change her life. She was on extended maternity leave and wasn’t looking forward to returning to her corporate job as a buyer, and as luck would have it, she spotted a little for sale sign in the window that got her wheels turning. Using her degree in Visual Communications from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco, CA, she quit her old job and dove into this one. While the name and owners may have changed over time, the quality and standards have not. 


When you shop at Pinwheels Resale, you’re not getting run-of-the-mill hand-me-downs. You’re still getting good quality items that still have life to give. Their selection isn’t only for clothes. You can find an array of wants and necessities when you walk through their shop.

  • Children’s Clothing
  • Maternity and Nursing Clothing
  • Cloth diapers
  • Carriers 
  • Books
  • Gear and Furniture 
  • Miscellaneous things like teethers, bottles, artwork, safety-proofing items, etc.

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As our kids grow, they need new clothes, but that also means getting rid of the old ones. Pinwheels Resale understands the importance of helping their community and has you covered. If your items meet their standards, then gather them up, take them in to be loved by others, and make some extra cash!

  • 100 items or less per visit
  • Current season items only
  • Clean goods (stain-, tear-, smoke-, and pet-free)
  • Sizing: Preemie to 10 years old
  • Manufactured within the last five years
  • Vintage items accepted on a limited basis
  • Swimwear and costumes are welcome year-round!
  • Shoes, games, and toys are welcome
  • Consignment options for handmade goods by local designers!
  • For a complete list of what they look for, visit their website.

little boy in blue overalls sitting in front of a balloon arch and birthday cake Pinwheels Resale

Pinwheels Resale

Whether you’re looking for items or bringing them in, Pinwheels Resale is located at 2700 SE 26th Ave. St. They are ready to help you take on your enemies of growth spurts and on-the-go wardrobe emergencies. So you can leave their store feeling happy with your haul, knowing you’re supporting your community.

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