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Why Portland Natural Birth is Known for Attentive & Nurturing Midwives!

Bringing a baby into the world is simultaneously beautiful and miraculous while also scary and intense. As the day approaches, it can leave moms excited to meet their little one(s) and maybe even a little worried. That’s where having an excellent birthing plan can be handy. Knowing where you will give birth, what midwife will deliver your baby, and who will support you on this empowering adventure all contributes to you and your family’s peace of mind. You want your birthing team to be on the same page as you. These are all genuine and valid concerns, and Portland Natural Birth may just have all the answers to put you at ease. 

About Portland Natural Birth

Mirea NerenBerg, LDM, CPM, IBCLC was excited to start attending births in 2007. This would eventually lead to her graduation from Birthingway College with an impressive Bachelor’s of science three years later in 2010, where her love for helping women give birth only grew. She worked at a busy birthing center for years, and when it was her time, she opened Portland Natural Birth. She hoped this small home birth practice would bring more focused, individualized, relationship-based care for all the families they served. Sticking to her philosophy of Trust, Connection, Education, and Choice, Mirea NerenBerg and her team do everything they can to give each family the best, heartfelt care while ensuring a healthy and positive birthing experience. They take the time to listen to each expecting mother, address any concerns, and celebrate milestones.

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Portland Natural Birth Services

Prenatal Care

  • Hour Long Comprehensive Appointments
  • Prenatal, birth, and postpartum care for birthing parent and baby through 6 weeks postpartum
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Comprehensive and Evidence-Based Care
  • A Consistent and Reliable Team of Midwives With You Throughout Your Care

Home Birth

  • They attend to clients in the Portland area, including all four quadrants of Portland and the surrounding areas.
  • If you want a water birth, they offer birth tubs at no extra cost to all clients who wish to labor and/or deliver in the water.  

Lactation Services

Ayurvedic Services

  • traditional and natural services provided by midwife Jaime Lefcovich, LDM, CPM, CAS.

Postnatal Care 

  • For families choosing hospital birth and wanting additional care.

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The fact that Portland Natural Birth is a small birthing business makes it stand out amongst other delivery options. They commit entirely to their clients to ensure their experience and quality of care, which means taking on only two to three births a month. This allows them to focus on each family and their birthing needs. 

Portland Natural Birth

Suppose you’re looking for an attentive and nurturing team of midwives ready to focus on you and your growing family. In that case, I recommend checking out Portland Natural Birth. So, start focusing on the beautiful and miraculous journey and leave your stress with your new midwives to help guide and support you. Their office is located at 333 NE Russell Street Suite 204 Portland, OR 97212. You can also reach them at 971.228.1387 or via their website.

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