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Portland Oregon Nanny Agency | 3 Places Offering Experienced Childcare

Trusting your precious babies with someone while you’re away is HARD! Whatever the reason, whether it be work, date nights, etc., you should be able to find childcare you can count on. Working with a Portland, Oregon nanny agency will ensure your babies are the top priority!

3 Portland Oregon Nanny Agencies Providing Exceptional Childcare Services

Portland Nanny

Andrea, the owner of Portland Nanny, acquired Portland Nanny in 2022 after working with the company as a consultant for over a year. There are two things she’s passionate about, business and her family, so it only makes sense for her to run a nanny agency! She acquired Portland Nanny because she saw a company that prides itself in providing exceptional care to families when needed. She wanted to continue with that legacy. In this next phase of Portland Nanny, they will use this legacy as their foundation, build upon it, and strive to achieve excellence in every way. 

Portland Nanny vets every nanny and ensures that they are trustworthy, reliable, qualified, and caring so that you are confident and at peace when your children are in their care. Whether it’s a family emergency, surprise date night, working late, or in a new city with no resources, their team of on-demand nannies is the best. They are trained, screened, and ready to go when you are in need. Their In A Pinch services allow you to have access to exceptional childcare when you need it! They also offer maintained care if you need child care assistance on a semi­-regular basis or want to set up care requests with more than 48 hours notice. Do you need care on a regular, recurring basis with the same nanny? Portland Nanny also provides a permanent placement option!

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A Brilliant Nanny

At A Brilliant Nanny, their passion is helping families find their dream nannies and sitters and helping remarkable childcare providers find rewarding jobs. Whether contracted care or temporarily, they carefully match their families with their nannies. You will meet nannies who can meet and exceed your and your family’s needs. In early 2006, Danielle Aikin founded A Brilliant Nanny. 

This Portland, Oregon, nanny agency focuses on giving families in the Portland metro and neighboring suburbs exceptional childcare. Their clients value tailored attention for themselves and their children. A Brilliant Nanny represents the most professional, experienced, and compassionate nannies. The company thoroughly understands its employee’s strengths, work ethics, and personalities. Furthermore, they provide short and long-term contract placement and temporary care services!

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Northwest Nannies

Northwest Nannies has been successfully helping families since 1985. It is known for its superb matches between childcare providers and families seeking the best care for their children. They help you find a nanny that is just right for you. Northwest Nannies’ professionals provide developmentally appropriate activities in a safe and caring environment geared to individual children’s needs. Northwest Nannies knows its nannies and their families. They save everyone time and worry because they know what to look for in a great nanny! Northwest Nannies offers services, including permanent nannies, temporary nannies, and emergency babysitters. 

Portland Oregon Nanny Agency

Each of these nanny services seems like a great option, especially when they all promise to find the perfect nanny for you, no matter the need! Be sure to consult a Portland, Oregon nanny agency to find that ideal nanny you can trust your babies with!

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