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Portland Pediatricians | 7 Specialists to Care For Your Children

When it comes to finding the right pediatrician, there’s a lot to consider. Who’s going to answer your call in the middle of the night when you’re stressed about your child’s rash? Who will provide adequate and thorough answers to all of your little questions? On top of your child’s pediatrician being knowledgeable and trustworthy, you also need to make sure it’s someone your family will love for years to come. Ideally, when you choose a pediatrician, you plan to see them for the next twenty years. That’s a long time and part of why this decision is so major. With so much to ponder, it can start to feel overwhelming. As a family photographer, I get the opportunity to talk to many parents, which means I get some great recommendations. Here are some of the Portland pediatricians my clients have come to love. 

7 Portland Pediatricians to Care for Your Little One

Metropolitan Pediatrics

Metropolitan Pediatrics was born out of a clinic started in 1908. That’s over a century of providing Portland parents with quality care! The group has six pediatric locations around Portland with almost forty pediatricians. With so many options, you are guaranteed to find the perfect doctor for your family’s needs. Whether you are looking for a specialist in sports medicine, foster family support, or behavioral health, you’ll find a pediatrician that’s right for your child. Metropolitan Pediatrics believes in inclusive care for every family. On top of their outstanding in-office care, they offer virtual appointments so you can be seen when you need them. 

Broadway Medical Clinic

Broadway Medical Clinic offers excellent care out of its grand building. The pediatrician clinic was started in the Hollywood District of Northeast Portland in 1932. Over time, the practice expanded, but the center always retained the trust the community had come to place in it. While the clinic offers various services, its pediatrics wing is especially great. The clinic provides well-child checks as well as treatment for chronic health illnesses and behavioral issues. Their mission is to offer expert care on an individual level. Your child’s pediatrician will come to feel like an additional family member with their level of attention. The main clinic has an answering service that will answer your questions at any time of the day. 

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Sunset Pediatrics

Sunset Pediatrics is a center that handles every case with expert care. The Portland practice has four fantastic pediatricians on staff, including two recipients of the Top Medical Providers award. The center offers both standard and specialty care. In addition to this, they have an exhaustive list of resources for parents needing help educating their children on modern issues, including cyber safety, racial bias, and brain injury research. The center offers 24/7 assistance for any urgent matters that might arise following office hours. 

East Portland Pediatric Clinic

East Portland Pediatric Clinic is a pediatrician center offering superb, evidence-based care since its founding in 1953. Today, the practice includes five board-certified pediatricians in addition to their highly talented nurses and medical assistants. The center recognizes what a privilege it is to care for your child and treats it as such. It’s no wonder why generations of families have come to rely on them! The team takes time during each appointment to address any concerns and provide either an answer or a resource. On top of their specialty care, they offer convenient telehealth appointments so you can get care from the comfort of your own home.  

Northern Pediatrics

Led by pediatrician Ann Ling Hoang, Northern Pediatrics is a center devoted to gentle care for every Portland family. The center uses the motto, “healthy adults start with healthy children and healthy habits,” to provide preventative care. Northern Pediatrics offers telehealth appointments and accepts most major insurance agencies. Whether your child needs a last-minute sick visit or a well-child check, they’ll receive the compassionate care you know you can trust. Check out their website to learn all about this practice.

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Portland Pediatric

Since 1957, Pediatric Associates of the Northwest has led the way in children’s healthcare. The center has sites in Tigard and Beaverton, but the Portland location tends to be a favorite. The practice is located right off I-405 on the third floor of the Montgomery Park Building. Portland Pediatric has six MDs on staff, plus more children’s care specialists. The team offers telehealth appointments as well as care for various specific needs, including behavioral health, chronic conditions, and lactation problems. Before you decide on a pediatrician, you can schedule a meet-and-greet appointment to ensure your doctor is a perfect match. Pediatric Associates has been named a Top 5 center by PDX Parent Picks and has received additional recognition for their unparalleled care. Check out their website to see why parents have come to love this group. 

Trailhead Pediatrics

Trailhead Pediatrics might be a little newer to the game. Still, it quickly became one of Portland parents’ most trusted clinics. Founded in 2008, Trailhead stands apart with its wise use of evidence-based medicine. The clinic works to get to know your child, so they can prescribe the best treatment for them. What’s even better about the center is their ability to work around your busy life. 

Trailhead offers a membership that allows your newborn to receive care from your house. Additionally, the doctors will answer your call 24/7, meaning you don’t have to wait around for a call back from an answering service. The three doctors offer laid-back yet knowledgeable care. You can ask questions and know you’re receiving the best advice. Their science-forward care is married to a holistic approach. The practice takes a clean air policy in its office and teaches you how to adopt the same lifestyle. You can find out more about this one-of-a-kind practice online.

Portland Pediatricians

Place your child in the best hands with a pediatrician you trust. Having that physician on your side will optimize your child’s health outcomes. It will also provide a space for them that is both welcoming and comforting. Check out any one of these fantastic Portland pediatricians!

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