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Choose Andaluz Waterbirth Center for Your Labor and Delivery

As a mom to some of the best kids in the world, I know firsthand how exciting your pregnancy and childbirth journey is. However, when it comes to delivering your baby, whatever way they make their way into the world is part of your very own and unique chapter. Luckily, Andaluz Waterbirth Center is a wonderful midwifery that can help you welcome your new baby into the world!

About the Andaluz Waterbirth Center

Andaluz Waterbirth Center represents walking to the light and birthing. In Southwest Portland, the team found a historic colonial building. They drastically renovated it with teakwood floors and stonework throughout. The building features four stunning birthing suites with:

  • Queen-sized beds
  • State-of-the-art birth pools
  • Two consultation rooms
  • A large classroom
  • A living room
  • Full-size kitchen

At this location, you’ll get to know four midwives who are committed to providing you with personalized care for you and your baby. Each family is unique, and so is your pregnancy and birthing experience. Andaluz Waterbirth Center provides comprehensive, family-centered prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. Each midwife gives every mom-to-be baby care for the first six weeks and offers respectful, safe, professional care that is sensitive to your needs. 

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Birthing Options

When it comes to different ways to give birth, I’m a firm believer in choosing whichever method is best for you and your baby. Because of that, Andaluz Waterbirth Center is a great place to choose because it can accommodate any birth you desire. For a water birth, you can be assured that the benefits of laboring and birthing in water are numerous for you and your baby. Over 4,000 babies are born at Andaluz Waterbirth Center. Only 5% have a cesarean birth rate for women who begin labor care in the birth center. For a vaginal birth after a cesarean, midwives will provide complete information about the risks and benefits of vaginal delivery and elective cesarean so you can make the healthiest choice possible for you and your baby. 

When it comes to pain management, the center offers a variety of options, including nitrous oxide and birth balls or birth stools to help you find comfort during labor. Each room is also equipped with a diffuser with the option of using essential oils such as sage, lavender, and basil. This provides a relaxing atmosphere and aromatherapy’s benefits during labor and birth.

After Birth

After your baby is born, you can expect total care for you and your baby from your midwives. For postpartum care, you and your birth partner will receive free meals during your stay as you welcome your new baby. In addition, the postpartum midwives will watch over your and your baby’s needs in the days following birth. This provides ample time to bond and start breastfeeding while the midwives are readily available for support and care. Once you’re home, a midwife will do a home visit in the first week of your baby’s life. After that, you’ll follow up at the birth center with postpartum care for up to six weeks. You’ll get newborn exams within the first two hours after birth for newborn care. The staff recognizes that each newborn is a conscious being, requiring gentle touch and awareness.

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Classes and Community

If you’re looking for more than childbirth services, you can take advantage of classes and workshops, many free, to best support families and help build community. The courses prepare you for your birth experience and lifetime health. If you want a sense of community, Andaluz Waterbirth Center has a large family of clients. They enjoy getting together for potlucks and organized playgroups. 

You can find the Andaluz Waterbirth Center at 3323 SW Naito Pkwy Portland, OR 97239.

Andaluz Waterbirth Center

When it comes to the birth of your new baby, every decision you make should be left up to you and what you feel is right. Receive great care and a helping hand with your pregnancy and birth journey with Andaluz Waterbirth Center!

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