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Portland Prenatal Yoga Studios

Portland Prenatal Yoga

In this blog post we will be exploring all the wonderful reasons why you may find yourself searching for a Portland prenatal yoga studio!

During the nine months (let’s be honest…it’s really 10 months) that you are pregnant, your body goes through massive changes. These changes are exciting, exhausting, and challenging all at once.

If you’ve always been a person who exercises regularly, you may find it’s a growing challenge with your growing belly.  And if workouts have not really been your thing, you may find yourself feeling especially achy and out of sorts with all the hormones and water retention going on. 

The great thing about yoga is that while it is a workout, there is a big emphasis on being restorative as well, and you may just find that prenatal yoga is a perfect fit for you. Just enough to get you moving and ease out those aches and pains without making you feel more exhausted!

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga For You

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists endorses yoga as a safe and effective form of exercise during pregnancy. While you may have to modify the moves, it is so beneficial to your mind and body. Prenatal yoga helps with flexibility, helps you learn to regulate breathing, and can also help with getting through emotional and mental changes that all pregnant women have at some point in their pregnancy. 

It can help ease lower backaches, improve digestion (and, in some cases, help you avoid acid reflux!), and gives you a sense of connection with your baby. On top of all these awesome benefits, joining a yoga class can be beneficial because you’ll get to meet other mamas who are right there with you! Having a sense of community around you is so important (and I think often overlooked) when you are pregnant.

Prenatal Yoga in Portland

I say it all the time; we are so lucky in Portland and in the Pacific Northwest to be in an area that emphasizes mind-body health and with such a forward-thinking attitude about pregnancy. Pregnant women are strong! 

If you’re searching for a place to learn yoga, or if you want to continue your yoga practice while you are pregnant, here are some Portland prenatal yoga studios to consider.

MamaSpace Yoga

MamaSpace has been helping people with everything from fertility yoga to postpartum yoga and every mama-stage in between since 2016. They offer both in-person sessions and online sessions with an emphasis on helping you from pre-conception to postpartum holistically. Suitable for any fitness level and easy to sign up online!

Bhakti Yoga Movement Center

This Portland yoga studio offers both prenatal yoga classes and day-long workshops if you want to take your practice to the next level! They also have partner yoga and postpartum pelvic floor work sessions, which can be a lifesaver after birth. Both in-person and virtual sessions are available.

Ready Set Grow

This studio would be a great choice if you want to continue your practice after childbirth because they offer classes with kids! Babywearing ballet and meditation, and breathing sessions are offered, and they also have pilates and core classes. They offer virtual yoga classes as well as in-person classes.

Mondo Yoga

Mondo Yoga is a full-service yoga studio that offers Saturday Portland prenatal yoga classes online or in person. These 90-minute classes also include breath-work, mental visualization, and pelvic floor conditioning. The nice thing about these classes is you can drop in or take the 9-week session.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find the perfect Portland prenatal yoga practice for this magical time in your life! If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to check out my other ones on midwives and doulas and birth centers!