Ann Marshall

Why Posh Baby Portland is the Go-To Baby Store in Oregon!

Posh Baby Portland is an absolute must visit baby store for any expecting parent!

Listen, I get it. The amount of information online for all the things you will need for your baby is downright overwhelming! Most parents will use a crib, baby carrier, stroller, baby bath, and so much more. It is SO helpful to get to see all those baby essentials in person at Posh Baby Portland before making the decision to buy. Some people even come from out of state to visit – it’s that good! They’re located right in the Pearl District.

1) Posh Baby Portland’s Knowledgeable Staff

I know us parents do tons of research on the best car seats, cribs, baby carriers, etc. There are so many blogs to read, videos to watch, and consumer sites to get ratings from. It gets overwhelming, especially when so many things come down to preference. Posh Baby Portland’s staff is so knowledgeable and attentive.

You will have someone in person to ask all your questions to, hear their experiences, and get valuable input from people who work with and see these baby things all day every day! They’re never in a rush and will take the time to thoroughly explain all the pros and cons to the products that will come in so handy once your little one is here! They have so many rave reviews about how wonderful their customer service is, so definitely make a list (if you’re like me) and ask them all the questions you have about the baby products they have at their Portland Posh Baby Store!

2) Huge Selection of Products Available at Posh Baby Portland’s Store

Posh Baby Portland carries the best products in store, and then also has access to online shopping as well. It is SO helpful to be able to actually push the strollers, make sure they’re the right height for you, and have all the features you’re looking for. When my husband and I were looking at strollers, we had to make sure we got one that worked for taller people, since we are on the taller side. You don’t want to be slouched over pushing that baby around the zoo, trust me!

Ergonomics are so important in baby products because you get so much use out of them. All their strollers are the ones most sought after by parents, so you’ll know you’re making a great choice. Baby carriers are another thing that an absolute must see at Posh Baby Portland. Not only can they make sure it fits you and your partners body size and shape, but they can make sure you’re getting one that will last through all the baby wearing stages! Their clothing is such high quality and unique, and makes for great gifts too!

3) One Stop Shop for Baby

Posh Baby Portland carries so many strollers, car seats, cribs, rocking chairs, apparel, toys, and accessories for your baby. You could literally get everything you need in this one store. They have enough options that have been hand selected to be the best of the best that you can feel confident in your choice, and make your life so much easier.

After you’re done with all that shopping, be sure to check out my top places for prenatal massage – you’ve earned it! 😉

I hope you find this blog on Posh Baby Portland helpful and that it makes your life a little easier. If you’re looking for a maternity and newborn photographer, let’s chat!