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A Peek Into Mini Me and Mama Children’s Boutique

As a mom myself, I love seeing my children being little fashionistas. Mini Me and Mama is the perfect place to find fashion-forward clothing for kids as it is a European-style boutique! The aesthetic of European fashion is the pinnacle of children’s clothing these days. If you are looking to purchase the latest European fashion without ever having to fly to Europe, now you can! Mini Me and Mama specializes in children’s clothing that is both unique and fashionable. From knitted outfits from France to dresses from Spain and Italy, the opportunities are truly endless!

Mini Me and Mama: A European Children’s Boutique

About the Mini Me and Mama

If you are trying to keep your kids ahead of the fashion game, you have definitely come to the right place. After all, almost all fashion trends start in Europe! As stated before, Mini Me And Mama is a European clothing store for children and babies. But did you know it is also family-owned and local? Carrying a wide variety of designers who have clothed high-profile individuals, like Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, this children’s store definitely knows what to carry in order to make a statement. In addition, the store happens to sell some of their very own designs as well!

Mini Me and Mama prides itself on offering the best trends and committed to fantastic customer service with hospitality. As a mom, it can be complicated to get out to the store and try to shop for the latest trends while also trying to wrangle your darling little ones from running in and out of the clothing racks. At Mini Me and Mama, shopping could not be any easier. You can shop at the store, but you can also shop online anytime you like. 

mom kissing her daughter in a garden with clothes from mini me and mama


They offer shorts, tops, dresses, bathing suits, cardigans, and basically everything you need for your little one to look cute as a button. The style of the clothes at the store are very traditional, so you will find the cutest ruffle dresses, polo shirts, and patterns in sizes newborn up to 9 years old for both boys and girls. They believe every day is a special occasion and have the perfect outfit and accessories for every occasion. They also have a Mini and Mama section that has matching outfits for your little one and you for special events or just for everyday wear.

You can also have the entire family match with outfits. They have a Family Section where you can find the perfect sets for an upcoming family photo shoot, holiday, or just because! They also have one-of-a-kind styles that bring tradition and style to your home by providing the perfect option for your little ones for them to wear from their first outfit, christening, birthday, any special occasion, photo shoot, or first communion.


You and your little ones always guide the hand-selection process of Mini Me and Mama. Their pieces are stylish, elegant, and timeless. Suitable for all stages of childhood. Not only can you find the perfect outfit, but you cannot forget about the accessories. My mother always taught me that you are never fully dressed without a bow. Don’t worry, though. Because Mini Me and Mama have hats, bows, headbands, sunglasses, socks, shoes, and so much more!



Mini Me and Mama has to be one of the most high-quality children’s stores I have seen so far. With the goal of bringing Europe to your household, the quality of the garments sold for the price cannot be beaten. These beautiful outfits range from $50-$100 on average! Mini Me and Mama also has a sale section with highly discounted clothing and accessories. If you want the absolute latest trends, keep your eyes peeled for current in-store sales!

Mini Me and Mama

Dressing your children up has never been easier! Support a local family business while bringing a little slice of European fashion to your child’s closet with Mini Me and Mama! While you’re here looking at the latest fashions, let’s chat about showing off these new outfits with a family session! Click here to start the conversation with your Portland Family Photographer!

little girl sitting in a basket in a garden with clothes from mini me and mama

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