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Hammer and Jacks: Portland Toy and Party Store for Kids

Is there anything more thrilling to a child than the thought of a kid’s party and toy store?! We don’t think so! If you are located in Portland, Oregon, you are probably already familiar with the super-fun, one-stop-shop for all toy and party supplies, Hammer and Jacks!

Portland Kid’s Store: Hammer and Jacks

In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about what this fun-filled store has to offer. We will talk about:

  • What Hammer and Jacks is, and what makes them so special
  • Everything TOYS and Gift Guides!
  • Party Supplies
  • In-store events
  • Contact information

Let’s get started! 

What is “Hammer and Jacks”?

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Hammer and Jacks is a family-owned toy store and community space located in Portland’s Foster-Powell neighborhood. Their purpose is to provide children and families with thoughtful toys sold at a fair price point, that allow for children to change, adapt, and grow. 

Hammer and Jacks recognizes how hard it can be to shop for children’s gifts, which is why they have become the experts in their trade. They assure all customers that they are ready and willing to help!


Let’s talk about the fun stuff: the toys!

Toy categories include the following:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Bath toys
  • Bikes, scooters, and ride-ons
  • Books
  • Bubbles and tomfoolery
  • Building sets and blocks
  • Dolls, dollhouses, and playsets
  • Educational, science, and development
  • Games and puzzles
  • Imaginative play and dress-up
  • Music and dance
  • Open-ended play
  • Outdoor play tools
  • Planes, trains, and automobiles
  • Stuffies

With the incredible abundance of toys and activities available at Hammer and Jacks, it can feel overwhelming to shop, especially if you are not shopping for yourself.

Not surprisingly, this store has got you covered! They, the experts, have compiled detailed Gift Guides for the following age categories:

  • Infant 
  • Toddler 
  • 3-5-year-old 
  • 5-8-year-old
  • 8-12-year-old

These guides take into consideration the excitement, expectations, common interests, and developmental milestones that take place within each category as they have compiled these gifts guides. 

Party Supplies

What’s more exciting than being able to get ALL of your child’s party decorations AND presents at one location? The fun, vibrant color scheme of the children’s party decor will have you reminiscing about your own childhood birthdays… while still emulating the chic, minimalist vibe that so many parents are excited about today.

In-Store Events

Childhood is all about having fun and stepping out of your comfort zone. This is why this store makes the most of their community space, offering Friday Sing Along Story Time and Kid’s Open Mic Night.


For more inquiries about Hammer and Jacks’ products and services, contact the following:


Hammer and Jacks in Portland

Allow yourself to embrace your inner child by spending some time at Hammer and Jacks’ Portland children’s store. Have fun and happy shopping!

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