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Shop at Hello Good Morning Portland for a Whimsical Toy Store Adventure!

Bright colors, whimsical patterns, and unique art pieces make Hello Good Morning a fantastic toy store and gift shop serving Portland-area families for decades. Curated with love and happiness, products sold at this beautiful local gem are a mixture of locally-produced handmade art and internationally-sourced treasures from around the world. One-of-a-kind fun can be found at Hello Good Morning Portland is a must-see for families in the Portland area. 

About Hello Good Morning Portland

Hello Good Morning is the perfect spot to visit with fabulous finds for kids of all ages in the Portland area! This sweet gift shop has fun, whimsical surprises in store for children of all ages, with an eclectic mixture of local treasures and imported favorites. In addition, the shop carries home decor, children’s books, Japanese stationery, folk art, and one-of-a-kind vintage products. Founded by former animator Amy Wulfing, Hello Good Morning is a light-hearted, airy space that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

Hello Good Morning is located inside Portland’s Cargo. The massive import store has served customers in the Portland area for over 20 years. This locally-owned small business is a significant landmark in the Portland community. Also, they maintain a vintage black and white photo booth that families can enjoy! There is free parking along the backside of the building. 

Families can now enjoy shopping in the store, but an all-new online store is coming soon. 

You can visit this incredible toy store at 81 SE Yamhill Street (inside Cargo) Portland, Oregon 97214

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With whimsical colors and patterns reminiscent of illustrated children’s literature, Hello Good Morning is a store where Portland families can find everything from skateboards to Japanese figurines. The store offers a unique mix of toys and art that you won’t find at other stores in the area. Children are invited to touch everything in the store, making this a fun, interactive experience for kids and adults alike! 

Products include finger puppets, flashlights, Japanese figurines, dolls, cameras, backpacks, notebooks, washi tape, balloons, birthday cards, and books. Gift wrapping is available as well. 


Hello Good Morning hosts several special Portland events throughout the year. Special events include holiday gift shopping nights, puppet shows, art shows, and photography events in front of the photo wall. Additionally, you will find art installations, calligraphy lessons, art workshops, makers markets, and more! Check out the events page here

Families can also find individual interviews with artists on the Hello Good Morning website. During which, you learn about artists’ journeys into the world of art. Generally these cover from early childhood interest to professional studies and adult fame. 

Kids’ yoga classes are also offered on Sundays for children ages six and older. 

little girl in white dress laughing while laying with newborn sibling wrapped in cream laying on a fur rug Hello Good Morning Portland

Hello Good Morning Portland

Hello Good Morning Portland is an excellent place for families to visit. Part toy store, part art installation, you can find this gem inside Cargo. Additionally, they created an inviting, whimsical environment where kids and their caregivers enjoy a fun, unique experience every time they visit. So pack up the kids and get ready for a day of fun at Hello Good Morning!

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