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Little boy in tan overalls standing between his mom and dad in a field Hanna Andersson Portland

Shop Hanna Andersson Portland For Sustainable Clothing for the Family!

Hanna Andersson is a children’s clothing boutique with a Scandinavian touch. They focus on designing and curating their products according to a Scandinavian principle called “the red thread.” When designing their clothing from the inside out, Hanna Andersson Portland embraced some of the same values, including sustainability, material quality, and comfort.

About Hanna Andersson Portland

The Hanna Andersson Portland store is located at 327 NW 10th Ave in Portland, OR 97209-3110. However, they have focused on growing their online store recently.

Hanna Andersson Portland features a wide variety of clothing items for children ages 0-14. These include:

  • Sleepers & Pajamas
  • One-pieces & Rompers
  • Bodysuits & Tops
  • Pants & Leggings
  • Dresses
  • Multi-packs & Sets
  • Swimwear
  • Sweaters & Sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Outerwear
  • And much more!

In addition to its clothing line, the store also carries accessories, including hats, shoes, blankets, and a selection of seasonal items for the holidays. The Hanna Andersson brand can also be found in many local boutiques throughout Portland!

Featured Items

  • New seasonal arrivals
  • An extensive baby collection featuring all the latest trendy baby clothing you can find
  • Clothes and accessories for boys and girls ranging from 2 to 14 years old
  • Matching family sets
  • Costumes

little boy laughing in khaki overalls with his mom and dad Hanna Andersson Portland

Community Impact and Shopping at Hanna Andersson

Known for providing quality children’s clothes, Hanna Andersson also has a strong mission. The company has been giving back to the community since it opened its doors. Additionally, the employees at this Portland boutique are dedicated to creating a more inclusive, equitable workplace.

Additionally, the team is focused on driving positive change at Hanna Andersson and the world. Passionate about making a difference in their local communities, they give back through donations, volunteering time and resources, and more.

The mission of Hanna Andersson Portland is to drive a permanent cultural shift by prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion on behalf of the community and families. Their goal is to create an environment that welcomes all people—regardless of race, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion or spiritual beliefs, disability status, age, or socioeconomic background—so everyone can thrive within the company.

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Hanna Andersson’s commitment to sustainability is a huge part of their mission. They partner with vendors from across the globe that share their dedication to offering their customers the highest quality children’s clothing. The brand partners are most important at Hanna Andersson and they come from all corners of the world. Still, they share a dedication to providing children with comfortable and durable clothing. Also, they partner with leading suppliers from across the country, each thoroughly vetted internally and by third parties to ensure that their products are made safely and ethically. Hanna Andersson also has a strict ethical code and audit their suppliers annually.

You can feel good about shopping at the Hanna Andersson Portland store. Additionally, Hanna Andersson focuses on creating a positive impact in their community. Their purchasing practices also support small businesses!

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mom in blue dress standing in a field holding her little son in overalls Hanna Andersson Portland

Hanna Andersson Portland

If you live near Portland or plan on visiting soon, then Hanna Andersson Portland is an excellent place to shop in stores or online!

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