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4 Remarkable Hillsboro Pediatricians to Care for Your Little Ones!

Finding a pediatrician you can trust with your child’s care can be tricky, especially when you want them to have shared ideals and respect your choices for your little ones. Let me help you and tell you about a few great Hillsboro pediatricians who are bound to take excellent care of your little ones!

4 Amazing Hillsboro Pediatricians For Your Child

Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic

Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic has two locations. Their primary site is at 445 E Main Street, and the second is at 6125 NE Cornell Road. Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic has been in business for over 30 years, focusing on providing consistent, timely, compassionate, innovative, high-quality care to children and adolescents. They also strive to provide access to care regardless of their patients’ needs. They offer extended evening and weekend hours and have telephone advice nurses available during all hours. Hillsboro Pediatric has a large team of experienced and professional providers that provide several easily accessible services.

As a pediatric clinic, they treat and see patients for all primary and sick needs. They also offer 24/7 emergency call coverage, same-day ill appointments, well-child checks during evening hours, telehealth visits, a secure patient portal, on-site speech therapy, and behavioral health services. Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic also serves as an NW Mothers Milk Bank official drop-off site. It has certified breastfeeding specialists on staff, who also comprise part of its Best Beginnings Team. The Best Beginnings Team is developed for newborn care to help them thrive and will see them until their one-month check-up. This service helps babies and parents start on the right foot. It is a hugely beneficial service for new and seasoned parents. We all start over during those newborn days! 

Vilhauer and Rosenberg

The location of Dr. Vilhauer and Dr. Rosenberg’s office is at 5920 NE Ray Circle in the Orenco Park Building. Both doctors have a combined 30 years of experience and offer many typical services. They also have two hospital staff memberships, Providence St. Vincent Hospital and Legacy Randall Children’s Hospital. Dr. Vilhauer and Dr. Rosenberg offer prenatal parent conferences, well-child exams, follow-up premature infant care, annual physicals through college, sports physicals, and same-day sick visits. They also offer chronic disease management, special needs patient care, asthma treatment, monitoring and education, and on-call weekends for sick visits.

The pair also screen for autism and developmental delays and treat ADHD and other neurodivergent disorders. These services ensure your child gets the help they need and parents get the necessary education to help their child thrive. Suppose your child is born at one of their partnered hospitals. The doctors can see and treat your baby immediately after delivery and throughout your hospital stay. These services ensure your baby gets your selected pediatricians from the beginning. 

Tanasbourne Pediatrics

The location of Tanasbourne Pediatrics is 17895 NW Evergreen Pkwy. It prides itself on being part of a minor clinic, enabling it to focus on its patients and get to know them. Tanasbourne Pediatrics offers a skilled and quality staff of physicians and a team that provides a full range of healthcare services from infantry to age 18. These services include well-child check-ups, sick visits, vaccinations, developmental screenings, and educational resources for sound nutrition. Their service also provides healthy activity and emotional well-being for proper foundations to encourage happy and healthy adulthood. Tanasbourne Pediatrics is perfect for those who want an incredibly personalized experience and a provider familiar with the patient’s history and needs. They are a dedicated small clinic that only takes on a few patients, which helps them to personalize your care

Hillsboro Medical Center

Hillsboro Medical Center offers several services at different locations, including specialized ones. They provide a pediatric team at their outpatient surgery clinic at 7th Ave. Medical Plaza. They also provide 24/7 care for your child at their inpatient pediatric unit and neonatal intensive care unit in the Hillsboro Medical Center at 335 SE 8th Ave. Their pediatric outpatient surgery center treats chronic ear infections, obstructive sleep apnea, congenital neck masses, chronic sinusitis, hemangiomas, vascular birthmarks, and hernias. They offer a few services, including pediatric otolaryngology and pediatric surgery. Their doctors and surgeons perform these services that include the following: placing tympanostomy tubes, removing adenoids and tonsils, ear surgery, removing skin lesions, neck masses, and hemangiomas/cysts, endoscopic sinus surgery, circumcision, umbilical hernia repair, a biopsy of rectums, dilation of anal or rectal stricture, and epigastric incisional hernia repair.

The inpatient pediatric unit provides a high level of care for sick children. Doctors treat infants and children for pneumonia, asthma, feeding problems, viral syndromes, gastroenteritis, and recovery after surgery. The neonatal intensive care unit provides expert care for babies that may need extra help and are born 32 weeks or later. These physicians give attentive care around the clock with a nurse for every 2 to 3 patients. The neonatal care unit also offers a private individual room for parents and babies. In addition, you gain access to OHSU’s world-class specialists in neonatal care. They offer a family safety resource center to give parents and caregivers more information and education opportunities. Hillsboro Medical Center is an excellent option for any specialized needs!

Hillsboro Pediatricians

From regular care to specialized care, many great Hillsboro pediatricians provide excellent care for your children!

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