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Lactation Consultants In Portland | 5 Outstanding Specialists!

Are you facing challenges with breastfeeding your baby as a new mom? Do you have sore nipples, or is the baby refusing to latch on? Have you decided to give up on breastfeeding in the first month? If so, don’t quit breastfeeding and seek professional help. You need a lactation consultant to help you cope with breastfeeding challenges. The best time to have an appointment with a lactation consultant is before delivery. In this post, you’ll find all about what lactation consultants do and what training they get to be lactation consultants. In addition, you’ll find 5 outstanding lactation consultants in Portland, Oregon. So, read till the end and ensure the good health of you and your baby. 

Who Is a Lactation Consultant?

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A lactation consultant is a nursing specialist that provides prenatal education and trains new moms to breastfeed their babies without any problem. You may find many nursing specialists, but the best lactation consultant must have passed the IBLCE examination and is certified. The number of women initiating breastfeeding has considerably increased in recent years with the help of lactation consultants. 

What Does a Lactation Consultant in Portland Do?

Breastfeeding is the best food for your newborn baby. Unfortunately, most new moms are unaware of the challenges they might face during lactation. Therefore, a lactation consultant can help you cope with the challenges, including;

  • Finding the proper nursing position
  • Infections and sore nipples
  • Pain during lactation
  • Baby refusing to feed
  • Difficulty latching
  • Postpartum depression and breastfeeding
  • Feeding premature babies and infants with neurological disabilities

5 Outstanding Lactation Consultants In Portland, Oregon

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If you’re a mom-to-be searching for the best lactation consultants in Portland, Oregon, you are in the right place. Here are the 5 outstanding lactation consultants in the area. Let’s have a look!

Bridgetown Baby Portland

Bridgetown baby is one of the best lactation consultants in Portland. They are the first postpartum Doulas in Portland, and their expert team is always ready to help you get through the first few months of your baby’s life. The Doulas of Bridgetown baby also provide services at your home and care for your baby so you can catch up on sleep, work, and family time. They are passionate about providing high-quality care and convenient deals for parents. You can feel the parent’s satisfaction level in their excellent five-star reviews.

Luna Lactation and Wellness

Luna Lactation and Wellness provides comprehensive and personalized support for all the phases of infant feeding and lactation. The expert team is incredibly talented, assesses individual needs, and advises clearly to understand. They are indeed a blessing for those finding the best lactation consultants in Portland.

Bliss Lactation

Bliss lactation center has a great team of International Board Certified Lactation consultants licensed in Oregon. Their prenatal breastfeeding classes help mothers during pregnancies and prepare them to lactate effectively. Most parents appreciate the kindness of the staff in their reviews.

Kindred Mother Care LLC

Sejal provides support to worried moms and babies at Kindred Mother Care Portland. She is extremely gentle, humble, and patient and gives her services beyond one’s expectations unless the parent is fully satisfied. Mothers call her a baby saver and an angel. 

ABC Doula and Newborn Care

ABC Doula and Newborn Care have a team of the best Lactation consultants providing services in Portland and nearby areas. The entire team provides excellent care to a mom facing nursing challenges. They offer baby classes, private classes, baby care for multiples, CAPPA Postpartum Doula training, and CAPPA Lactation Educator.

Lactation Consultants in Portland

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