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OHSU Birthing Center | A Caring Place to Give Birth in Portland

One of the first things that a woman thinks about after learning that she is pregnant is childbirth. While society has done a thorough job of instilling fear about all things regarding delivery, there are several things a woman can do to prepare for the best experience possible. One of the most crucial decisions is where the mother-to-be plans to give birth. Choosing a facility where you feel confident, comfortable, and well cared for is important. That’s where the OHSU Birthing Center comes in. 

OHSU Birthing Center

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Giving birth to a child at the OHSU Birthing Center means you will have access to a specialized care team devoted to providing high-quality services. As a result, you will feel confident that all of your and your baby’s needs will be met and exceeded.

In this article, we will talk about what is offered to women giving birth at OHSU Birthing Center:

  • What you can expect from your care team
  • How you can access a free, online tour of the facility
  • Pain relief options
  • Birthing options
  • What to expect from your stay

Let’s talk about it!

Childbirth Care Team at OHSU Birthing Center

OHSU is recognized for having the region’s top specialists in high-risk maternal-fetal medicine. The care team consists of:

  • A dedicated nursing team that specializes in labor and delivery. Many nurses trained in lactation support and mother-baby recovery have advanced degrees and nationally recognized certifications.
  • A designated obstetric anesthesiologist 
  • Neonatology (specialty baby care) is hands-on during all surgical and high-risk deliveries
  • Lactation support to help with breastfeeding
  • Hospitality staff to ensure you are well-fed and cared for

Online Tour of the Childbirth Center

For a detailed look at what it would be like to give birth at the OHSU birthing center, check out their Labor and Delivery Online Tour. This tour includes both the birthing and postpartum suites.

Birthing Options 

OHSU Birthing Center supports women in their birthing goals, which is why they are equipped with abundant experience and equipment unique to several different types of birth.

  • Waterbirth

The first hospital in Portland to offer waterbirth, you will work with seasoned nurses and midwives (20+ years of water birth experience!), an excellent safety record, highly satisfied patients, and access to other resources and top doctors throughout your birth.

  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

Certified nurse-midwives have a high success rate of about 80% of women attempting a VBAC successfully. In addition, your care team will take the time to learn about the circumstances of your C-section, allowing them to counsel and educate you on your birthing experience. 

What to Expect from Your Postpartum Stay

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The circumstances of your birth will determine how long you stay in hospital afterward. Information about labor and delivery parking, visiting hours, special considerations, and on-site dining options can be found on their website. 

Choosing OHSU Birthing Center

Choosing to give birth at a facility where you feel comfortable and confident can be a transformative decision. Selecting OHSU Birthing Center sets you on the right track for a positive childbirth experience!

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