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Pip and Grow

Pip and Grow for An Exceptional & Eco-Friendly Bassinet

Did you know newborns can sleep up to seventeen hours a day? Just because they’re spending most of the day snoozing doesn’t mean they’re letting you catch many zzzs yourself. Sometimes, babies make you desperate, and it’s tempting to do whatever you can to get some sleep. Most of us have heard the ABCs of safe baby sleep (Alone on their Backs in their Cribs). Still, when you’re sitting in a bed nursing after hour 28 of being awake, it’s nearly impossible not to doze off. This is why I love the company Pip and Grow. Founded by infant safety experts, Pip and Grow is here to make sleeping safe for your baby and achievable for you. 

About Pip and Grow

Pip and Grow was founded in 2016 after co-founder Amber Kroeker researched data and realized how few options there were for portable bassinets. Parents were resorting to items like dock-a-tots and car seats to get rest, which sometimes led to tragic results. 

Kroeker found inspiration in the Finnish concept of a baby box: a basic, minimally padded box provided to every parent upon a baby’s birth. Kroeker worked with her friend, Kate Compton Barr, to provide something similar and affordable to parents across the country. They created the Smitten Baby Box, and families have been in love ever since. 

Pip and Grow


The Smitten Baby Box put Pip and Grow on the map over five years ago. Made out of recycled corrugate, the box is lightweight and eco-friendly. 

Plus, it’s the largest bassinet on the market, making it usable longer than your standard bassinet. The box has been tested to withstand all the mess that goes along with having a newborn. The safety-tested mattress repels moisture to prevent bacteria from growing, and the sheets are made of soft, breathable cotton. 

While all these features are great, perhaps the best feature is how lightweight it is. Traveling and set-up are a breeze. Just put it where you need it, and your baby will feel instant comfort. 


On top of the baby box, Pip and Grow offers courses with experts so you can learn tricks to help your baby sleep safely and soundly. Co-founder Amber Kroeker and Liz Harden, an established sleep coach, teach the classes. The courses are data-driven and accessible to read, watch, or listen to. Plus, they’re great gifts for any caregiver! 

You’ll receive checklists, guides, and workbooks that will allow you to remain calm in the face of restless nights and sleep regressions. 

Pip and Grow also offers SOS calls for those sleep-deprived moments where you could use advice. For a small fee, you can get information that will help you keep your cool when you most need it.  

Pip and Grow

Pip and Grow is here to make safe sleep accessible for every family. With their wonderful products and expert guidance, your family can sleep soundly. 

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