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3 Portland Doulas Providing Excellent Care Through Pregnancy

Doulas are almost a necessity nowadays, no matter what kind of birth you plan. The extra support and guidance are what every mom deserves! The following Portland doulas are trustworthy and exceptional caretakers who provide customized doula support so you can maintain peace of mind.

3 Portland Doulas Providing Excellent Pregnancy & Delivery Support

Birth First Doulas

At Birth First Portland Doulas, they’ve supported expecting families and trained doulas in the Portland area for over 25 years. They know that your and your baby’s health matters most, and your experience through this journey matters! Birth First Doulas aims to put you, your family, and your birth first! Birth First Doulas offers some of the most experienced, trusted, and loved doulas in Portland, Oregon! All of their Portland doulas have advanced certified training, are vaccinated, vetted, and individually selected for their professionalism and excellent doula services. 

They offer a range of experience levels to fit your budget and a variety of personalities to fit your family’s style. If you’re not sure which of their Portland doulas are right for you, their Doula Matchmaker can narrow down your search so you can find the perfect doula match. Their Birth Doula Package is one of the most comprehensive doula services in the Portland metro area. The birth doula package includes the following: 

  • childbirth classes and parent education, 
  • pregnancy and labor doula support, 
  • early labor support at home, 
  • hospital advocacy, 
  • photos of the day your baby is born, 
  • postpartum doula support, 
  • parent support circles, 
  • resources and discounts, and 
  • much more! 

Let them provide the individualized care that helps you have a more positive and satisfying birth experience! They offer birth doula services, postpartum doula care, and childbirth classes. 

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Brave Birth

Brave Birth bravely serves families in Portland, Vancouver, and surrounding metro areas. Their team works hard to establish trusting relationships and create affirming spaces for your growing family. Their doulas will be there for you whether you choose to birth at home, at a birth center, or in the hospital. Brave Birth provides evidence-based information, physical comfort, and continuous support. 

Whether you choose to have an unmedicated, epidural-assisted, surrogacy, or cesarean birth, your choices will always be supported and honored. Their non-gendered, inclusive childbirth education, parent support groups, and chest/breastfeeding classes commence your experience. They also help you feel more prepared as you step into parenthood. 

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Portland Doula Love

At Portland Doula Love, they are focused on more than just getting the baby out. The day of delivery will be an incredible and transformative experience in many ways. They, as an organization, look to support families during this time. Owners Wendy and Shawn have much of their career working in addiction, homelessness, and mental health. After many years of seeing the effects of broken families, the couple has dedicated themselves to supporting families and offering a step up to parents who may be struggling. 

Doula Love has offered free in-person support groups in Portland Metro since 2013. You can expect many services when you choose to work with a Doula Love Affiliated Doula, including: 

  • Support from a coordinator and director who will help you through every step of the hiring process, 
  • Guaranteed backup in the extremely rare event that your doula would be unable to attend your birth, and 
  • Accountant services to help make your payment and potential expense account reimbursement or insurance coverage assistance as smooth as possible. 

Additionally, your mind will rest at ease knowing you’re working with a group of doulas with an excellent community reputation!

Portland Doulas

Any three of these Portland doulas would be an excellent choice that you can depend upon for a smooth pregnancy journey. Be sure to contact each to meet their team to find the perfect doula for you!

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