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How Two Rivers Midwifery Has Respectful & Personal Pregnancy Care!

If you’re looking for a home birth midwife in the Portland area, Two Rivers Midwifery is an esteemed option. The Midwifery offers personalized and respectful home birth care. Additionally, it works “in service to the magic and the work of birth.” 

About Two Rivers Midwifery

The business is women-owned and operated by Silke Akerson, a Certified Professional Midwife who grew up in a family of midwives. She has attended births since she was a teenager, taught education classes to pregnant women, and trained at a midwifery school. Silke emphasizes the importance of diversity, inclusion, and safety in her practice. She emphasizes that she works with families of all structures, cultures, faiths, and identities. After all, midwifery is an incredibly individual and personal experience. She speaks Spanish and commits herself to serving all populations–especially the Latinx population. 

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The initial consultation is free. During the prenatal appointment, you and your midwife will listen to the baby’s heartbeat, take your blood pressure, and ensure things are going smoothly during your pregnancy. Silke tries to learn as much about you as possible so that when it’s time to have your child, you feel safe and comfortable with them. She believes there is a significant positive difference when a birthing person is engaged, supported, and treated with respect. Two Rivers Midwifery believes postpartum care can be the most essential part of being a midwife as the new parents adjust to a new life. 

She will stay for three hours after the birth, examining the mother and the baby, administering tests and procedures, and ensuring the baby is adjusting well to its new environment. They make a meal for the family, clean the house, start the laundry, and ensure the baby is breastfeeding correctly. They offer on-call access 24 hours a day, even after the birth. A day after the birth, they visit and answer any new parents’ questions. Finally, they will visit once more to do a pap test and answer any residual questions. 

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Silke is also an herbalist, which means she is trained in providing plant medicine and natural remedies. Together, she has various tools to help your birth be smooth and manageable. Silke’s herbal experience can assist with the typical discomforts and complications of pregnancy. Depending on your problems, she can provide remedies like supplements and herbs, as well as recommendations for homeopathy, bodywork, and exercise. 

The website notes that prenatal appointments with hospital-based midwives are typically a 20-minute visit, while they spend an hour with the patient. Obstetrician appointments are even less time–averaging a time of 6 minutes. The time and attention of a midwife can be critical to managing emotions, stress, and concerns regarding the pregnancy. The Two Rivers Midwifery website includes a list of resources in the community, including midwifery organizations, parenting resources, Craniosacral Therapists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Pediatricians, Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Nutritionists. They are at 333 NE Russell St in Suite 204 in Portland, Oregon. 

Two Rivers Midwifery

Two Rivers Midwifery provides exemplary care to both mother and child. It offers support during one of the most critical times in a parent’s life. After all, ensuring that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for your new child is the best thing you can do for your child.

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