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8 Portland Toy Stores for Whimsical, High-Quality Toys & Games

Building blocks, riding bikes, doll houses…so many toys, so little time! The best part about being a kid is being able to play all day long. Whether looking for outside toys, educational toys, or the perfect gift for a little one, these Portland toy stores have something for everyone.

8 Portland Toy Stores to Let Your Little One’s Imagination Run Wild

SpielWerk Toys

Located in the heart of North Portland’s Williams District, SpielWerk Toys is a Portland toy store offering the coolest toys for kids to grow. They only carry toys that are the best of the best for kids, and when you come to this Portland toy store, they will find the perfect toys that are just right for you.

Many of their toys come from Europe, and they carry a lot of simple and quality toys that encourage creativity and free play. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff that are just waiting to talk toys. The store has a large area for little ones to explore and play while you shop, so check out this Portland toy store today!  

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Finnegan’s Toys

Finnegan’s Toys is your one-stop toy spot. This Portland toy store is entirely online, so you can shop wherever you are. They have so many fun and interactive toys. You will find arts and crafts, books, cars, dolls, dress-up, LEGO, music, pretend, puppets, puzzles, STEM, outdoor, and stuffed animals.

They even have classic and vintage toys for all ages, from babies to adults. While browsing online, you can still pick up your items locally and have them shipped right to your home. Be sure to check out Finnegan’s Toys online today! 

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Kids at Heart

Kids at Heart is a Portland toy store that welcomes guests of all ages from all over. They love being a part of your family as you go to places for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baby announcements, and so much more. Kids at Heart believes that no one is too old to have fun in a toy store, so all of their toys, games, and books are designed to spark imagination and encourage play for every generation.

This toy store offers activities for outside, arts and crafts, games, puzzles, STEM toys, dolls, stuffies, and unique toys for the little babies. Customers who have visited Kids at Heart said they have the best book collection in town, so be sure to check them out! 

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Mudpuddles Toys

Mudpuddles Toys is a Portland toy store with toys and books for everyone of all ages. Whether you are looking for active play toys, arts and sciences, baby toys, books, games and puzzles, LEGO’s, trains and trucks, musical toys, pretend play, and stuffies. They even have a special section, especially for those in need of sensory toys. And even if your little one is not so little, they have gifts for those teens and tweens in your life that are impossible to shop for.

This toy store has seasonal toys as well, so you will surely have fun shopping for yourself or someone else. The best part is that you can shop in-store or online, so whatever fits your need, Mudpuddles Toys will make it happen for you.

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Oodles of Toys

Oodles of Toys is a Portland toy store that offers a large and unique variety of toys for all ages, big and small. At Oodles of Toys, they have all the newest brands, but they always ensure they have the classics. You will find a wide selection of TY, Thomas the Train, Sesame Street, Playmobil, Lego, Hot Wheels, Green Toys, Calico Critters, and more. They have an entire section of dress-up clothes from princesses to pirates; your kid’s imagination will run wild.

Additionally, they have toys that will remind you of your childhood, like Raggedy Anne and Andy, Pacman, wooden trains, and more. They offer various toys, including stickers, arts and crafts, dolls, games, puzzles, music, wooden toys, STEM learning toys, and more. They offer toys for outside play and special toys for the babies, so no matter what age your little one is, there is something for them to play with at this Portland toy store. 

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Hammer and Jacks

Hammer and Jacks is a family-owned Portland toy store that has offered thoughtful toys for your little ones to play with for many years. No matter your age, Hammer and Jacks has something special for everyone, including bath toys, bikes, scooters, blocks, dolls, games, puzzles, dress-up and pretend play, outdoor toys, and so much more.

This Portland toy store not only has all of the best and newest toys, but they have a wide selection of books. They also have party supplies and decorations so you can plan any occasion. They offer in-store and online shopping, as well as shipping, and they even will deliver locally.

little girl in a rainbow dress sitting on a floor with a cake and gold and white balloons

Thinker Toys

When you visit this Portland toy store, you will see wall-to-wall toys, books, puzzles, and much more everywhere you look. Thinker Toys has won multiple awards throughout the years, and it has been locally owned since 1994. They offer a wide range of toys for kids and adults, including arts and crafts, books, dolls, figurines, LEGO, pretend play, music, puzzles, trains and trucks, and so much more.

Thinker Toys has toys for newborns and up, and at any time, they have over 8,000 different items in stock, so you know they will have exactly what you are looking for. They have just recently started selling online. However, the inventory is smaller than in the store, so stop by and check them out. 

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Piccolo Mondo Toys

Piccolo Mondo means “Small World” in Italian. Moreover, Piccolo Mondo Toys provides a fun experience for children by educating them all about different countries worldwide.

Furthermore, they have a wide variety of toys and products from around the world, including educational toys, books, puzzles, stuffed animals, and classic wooden toys. If you are interested in a different take on toys and products, check out Piccolo Mondo Toys. 

Portland Toy Stores

Toys are a staple in your little one’s life; as they grow, their tastes and likes change just as much as they do. There are so many Portland toy stores that offer toys for kids of all ages, be sure to check them all out today! 

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